Sleeping Dragon

I’ve heard the conservative-leaning electorate described as the “slumbering giant” or similar, and this article gives several good reasons why we are quietly waiting our turn to vote rather than burning down Harvard or the New York Times  building.  (Okay, also because that would be illegal, and we have jobs and such.)

More to the point is why we are quiet at the moment.  Just out of curiosity, can anyone give me a single instance where a conservative voter has gone around yanking “Biden” or “Clinton” yard signs out of people’s gardens?  Not one?  I can’t think of any either.  Nor, by the way, have I read any reports of cars being keyed or otherwise damaged simply because they sported a “Howard Dean For President”, “Clinton/Gore” or “Biden/Harris” bumper sticker — and in both the above, had there been any such incidents, you can be damn sure that it would have got full coverage on the nightly news or in the Washington Post.

No:  all such hostility has come from the Left, pretty much as it always has.

That said, just because we aren’t crucifying the board of the Soros Foundation en masse  or hanging random Pantifa rioters from lamp posts does not mean that we aren’t seething with rage — and believe me, we have every good reason to be enraged, not just at the above but also at the way that Big Government has become the equivalent of a giant weight pressing down on all of us.  (Here’s a little boo-hoo article from City Journal which talks about the topic in detail.)

In three weeks’ time we’ll see of all the above is true enough to bring out the conservative vote in droves, and keep the Left away from the levers of power.

Just don’t believe the polls.  As the first linked article suggests, they’re asking questions in a frame which no longer exists, and in any event, the Left has a real interest in making us think that we don’t stand a chance — just as they did when that Trotskyist bitch Hillary Clinton ran for office in 2016 — so the polls are not to be believed.

Here’s what I think:  the sleeping conservative dragon is going to wake up, and I don’t think the Left are going to like the results.  If it were me, I’d be warming up the helicopters’ engines and handing out pre-noosed ropes — we already have sufficient guns and ammo — in preparation for the Glorious Day (as Mr. Free Market puts it).

But like all conservatives, I’d be satisfied with a massive Trump / Republican electoral victory next month.  And for that, the Left should be grateful.


  1. When the pollsters call, I refuse to respond because “you’re not looking for truth, but trying to influence the poll’s desired outcome by biased construction of the questions.” Pregnant pause on the caller end…”FOAD.”

  2. I’m still not so certain that things are going to break our way in three weeks, to be honest. Reliable conservatives in my own circle of friends are so spittingly vitriolic anti-trump that they’re staying home, and others voting communist. Zero Trump yard signs in this normally very conservative part of my otherwise-liberal county, and it flipped Dem in the house two years ago by an 80-20 margin after the never-trumper NJ-11 rep retired.

    Also Trump lost Matt Drudge earlier this year and his constant drumbeat of anti-Trump stories will have an effect. Maybe not huge, but it’s one fewer place for conservatives to get a reasonably good source of news. To me it’s death by a thousand cuts.

    I really hope I’m wrong. I hope this more than I hope to even wake up in the morning, but I’ve got this nagging feeling in my gut that the criminal chicanery machine’s new pet project (mail-in votes), the rabid TDS voters–along with the Evil Party’s well-oiled GOTV machinery–will win the day. Especially when the never-Trumper so-called Republicans stay home. All it will take for the bastards to win will be PA and OH. This is NOT a done-deal for our side by any stretch.

  3. WRT polls: Sure, people publicly state that anyone who votes for Trump should be beaten/set-on-fire/killed, but I’m going to tell an unidentified person who just called me on the phone how I’m voting. And I have a nice hunk of ocean-front property to sell you in Indiana.

  4. I am hoping the sleeping dragon stuff will happen, I do live in a part of Texas with lots of Trump signs, even on buildings downtown and a Saturday morning Trump parade that grows larger every week. If Trump does well with the Tex-Mex vote where he may be making some inroads that will help and I will be surprised if Texas, at least one more time, is not a strong solid electoral win.

    As for the future, our area has doubled population in the past seven years and a lot of folks living in gated communities all over our hills came from Californication, may the Lord have mercy on our souls.

  5. The link to the article at “boo hoo” was pretty good and spot on.

    Behind enemy lines in New England I see many Trump flags and signs as well as rallies and boat parades. Unfortunately, these won’t be effective to change any of these states’ electoral votes to move into the GOP column.

    The media, the “education” system and the culture have all been infiltrated by enough statists that they’re all against our American virtues of self reliance, hardwork, independence and personal responsibility. Not enough of us Americans revere these virtures and our education system certainly does not teach our children or immigrants the value of these virtues.

    I sure hope Trump wins in November. A sound thrashing of statist candidates up and down the ticket would be most welcome.

    As far as stocking ammo and food go, never a bad idea. Look at the Great Toilet Paper shortage of Spring 2020. Most supermarkets only have access to a few days of food available anyway. Imagine if the truck drivers can’t get their way to their destinations due to rioters in the streets. How long and how bare do the shelves need to be before riots in Ferguson, Portland, Minneapolis, Kenosha etc all look peaceful by comparison?


  6. Given that Trump supporters have been murdered and arrested, I’m pleased to see so many brave enough to say they’re voting for him.

    1. Speaking of Trump supporters being murdered, is anyone following the story on the shooting in Denver last weekend? A pro-Antifa KUSA 9News producer hired a “security guard”, went to a pro police rally/Antifa counter-protest, and basically did a snuff film of the “security guard” executing one of the Trump supporters. Their cover story fell apart, the “security guard” turns out to be unlicensed (PInkerton was involved, or not), 9News may be sued out of existence, and a bunch of people besides the shooter should be in jail over this. And of course it’s being whitewashed by the media… makes my blood boil.

  7. Sleeping dragon?

    One hopes. From your keyboard to God’s ear, as they say.

    I, however, will be haunted by the 2008 election, which in many ways feels familiar.

    American elections are determined by the 4%-7% of the “centrists” who have no particular compass to guide them beyond some disarticulated notion that certain policies are said to lead to certain outcomes that they prefer. This slim margin of people has elected Obama, despite all that was known about him before he ever set foot into the Oval Office.

    The Stick of Power, with which to beat your enemies passes back and forth from hand to hand, and nothing, even in all of Trumps chaotic unfiltered verbal diarrhea and actual accomplishments seriously threatens to derail the post constitutional order gravy train that the great collusion of parties has created and sustained.

    Electing Trump was a blow to the institutions of both parties, but I fear that even a second helping won’t be sufficient to create the conditions of sufficient creative destruction that is a necessary prerequisite to restoring something like the US Constitutional Republic.

  8. Four years ago I spent the summer laying in ammunition – particularly .22 because it had finally come down to four or five cents a round and that was the only caliber that I couldn’t reload – and 30 round AR magazines. This go round there isn’t much in the way of ammunition or magazines to be found so I’m buying bullets and brass as I find it and hoping that I’ll be able to find some primers before the democrats wake up to the idea that OMG PEOPLE ARE MAKING THEIR OWN AMMUNITION and we certainly can’t have that Buffy. As for the election I just don’t know. I do see a little too much glee every time a “shock poll” announces that Biden is 143% ahead or whatever. Makes you think that the media is telling the Republicans that there’s no hope in beating Sleepy Joe so they might as well not waste their time. One of the old sayings of American politics used to be that neither party can ruin the country in four years but now I’m not so sure. We’ll see how it all shakes out. In the meantime my Hornady press is running.

  9. Calling Her Shrillness Granny Maojackets von Pantsuit Clinton a Trotskyite is a severe disservice to Trotsky and his verminous followers. Shrillary HAS no belief system beyond the firm faith that SHE should be in charge, and allowed to do whatever she damn pleases.

    On another topic, we DO read about incidents of ‘hate crimes’ committed by the Right against the Left…it just always seems to turn out that such ‘hate crimes’ are frauds committed by the dipstick who reported them in the first place. With the occasional incident where some pants-wetting Lefty is making an Everest of hurt feelings out of an anthill.

  10. I did hear about one guy who stole a Biden sign, or maybe a couple. It rated a three sentence paragraph in his small town newspaper. That’s not what made the real news though. What made real news is when he tried to keep it quiet by stealing all the newspapers from every convinence store he could find. I’m not sure how that would keep it quiet though since most of the readership has the paper deliverd, and post papers are on the web.

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