Longtime Reader And Total Gun Nut PatrickS was all butthurt that I didn’t include any of his works on my bookshelf backdrop — although, as I pointed out to him in my email replay, I didn’t even include one of my own books on the list.

That said, Patrick’s stuff has been a constant companion of mine over the past decade or so, and it requires a HUGE endorsement from this website, so get the hell over and buy a couple (ignore the first listing, that’s some other guy).

And Patrick:  if you have an old paperback copy of the 1911 book lying around somewhere… (the Son&Heir stole mine).

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  1. A gentleman’s bookshelf says as much about him as his gun safe(s) or his main closet and his sartorial selections.

    My wife and I are adding onto our dacha right now with the primary motivation being the addition of a well thought out man cave.

    It will have a 7’ workbench for me to work on guns and cowboy boots, hidden spaces for the concealment of handguns and a copious amount of bookcases.

    Books tend to metastasize around the house.

    I think we actually need a part-time librarian.

    Our house already has a Hemingway room.

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