No Riots For This One?

I don’t think that anyone would deny that this scumbag needed killing ( to use the old Texas expression) and doesn’t deserve a riot in his honor.  From Alabama:

Thorsby police conducted a traffic stop on Montgomery Avenue for a violation around 12:30 p.m. As officers came up to the vehicle, investigators say the driver pulled out a handgun and fired on the officers without any conversation or warning.
Deputies said Jackson ran through a construction site on Montgomery Avenue and continued to fire at officers.
Two Thorsby officers returned fire. They requested help from the Chilton County Sheriff’s Office, Tactical Response and K-9.
A K-9 located Jackson in a wooded area, hiding behind a fallen tree. Jackson then shot the K-9 in the torso and fired at deputies, according to investigators.

Wait:  he shot a police dog?  That’s a hanging, right there, in at least forty-eight states.  But wait! there’s more:

Two deputies returned fire, hitting Jackson. A paramedic tried to treat him, but Jackson died at the scene. The K-9 was taken to a local veterinary clinic where he was treated and is expected to recover. No other law enforcement officers were hurt.

So… who was this choirboy?

Investigators say Jackson has an extensive criminal history involving multiple violent crimes. He had multiple felony convictions for attempted murder, robbery and possession of methamphetamine. Jackson was out on bond for various charges out of Chilton County including possession of cocaine, possession of methamphetamine, certain persons forbidden to possess a firearm, resisting arrest and possession of drug paraphernalia.

And for the kicker:

Authorities said the firearm Jackson used in the shooting was stolen in June of 2020.

So, to recap:  career criminal dead, cop dog doing okay, no cops hurt, stolen gun recovered.

Other than the inclusion of “George Soros killed in the cross-fire”, that’s pretty much a perfect outcome.


  1. “…who was this choirboy?”

    Okay folks, listen up.

    I have been a member of my church choir for over 35 years. (I sing base)

    I am getting heartily tired of you people comparing these neer-do-well’s with “choirboys”. None of the choir members I have known over the years would ever do something as evil as shoot an innocent police dog. The most we have ever done is occasionally drive a few miles above the speed limit and cut the label off of a new mattress.

    (…we really do need a sarcasm font.)

    1. First, we have to stop believing DARPA when they say a Sarcasm Font is a mere 18 months from roll out. They’ve been saying that ever since their inception as a federal agency, tens of millions of dollars have been spent with absolutely nothing to show for it.

  2. Depending on the cop you ask, the most dangerous interaction is either a traffic stop, or a domestic dispute (I’ve heard some cops say one, and some say the other).

    1. Toastrider,
      I have heard the same from policemen. More than one has said that they break up the Domestic Violence, have the husband award the silver bracelets only to have the wife jump on them from behind demanding that they let her dearest most gentle husband to be released since he didn’t mean beating her this time.

      By all means weed out the bad policemen like every other industry. Give the police the training to do their job.


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