Not A Murderer

Seems as though the Jackals Of The Press (JOTP©) may have jumped the gun, so to speak, once the charges against Kyle Rittenhouse are examined in detail:

The story of Kyle Rittenhouse is more than a gripping piece of news, it is a telling philosophical Rorschach test.  A lone individual stood up to a mob of violent felons, abusers, and pedophiles, asserting his right to live over their lust for his blood, and won.  While the American public, generous in their deference for human life, and may have paused in horror at the shootings, the tide of public opinion is turning for Kyle as the deluge of exculpatory facts break through the dam of misinformation.  Americans should take note at which institutions were quick to back Kyle, which condemned him, and the cowards in between.
Considering the facts of the case and the state laws governing Wisconsin, it becomes clear that Kyle’s actions were not reckless — the prosecutor’s decisions were.

In fact, given the the circumstances and the nature of Rittenhouse’s attackers, we might even, and justifiably term this a Righteous Shooting.  Follow the link to the story and the links within, and you’ll see why.

Let’s hope this turns out well for the boy, although when it comes to asshole, thuggish prosecutors I have little faith in the legal system.


  1. One of the feral humans shot by young Mr. Rittenhouse was convicted of molesting FIVE children, all between the ages of 9 and 11. He ought to get a medal for what he did.

    1. He was the angel (according to his girlfriend) with two felony convictions, one for strangulation, the other for unlawful abduction. He was a good boy, yannow.

  2. Leftists have a lot of trouble with nuance. Which is amusing for people who brag about how in tune they are to ‘shades of grey’ in the world.

    As a result, a West African child soldier is equivalent to a USMC officer. A Gestapo or Smersh thug is no different from a Chicago cop or U.S. marshal. And Kyle Rittenhouse is the same as Dylan Rooff.

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