1. Olga came to realize that being born with four arms didn’t matter as long as she showed enough boobies.

  2. “It was I who stepped on your dress, fa la la,
    The skirts all came off I confess, fa la la,
    Revealing for all of the others to see,
    Just what it was that endeared you to me…”
    Tom Lehrer, “The Wienerschnitzel Waltz”

  3. Young Mrs. Smith shows of exactly why Mr. Smith, the 88 year old billionaire, married her and left her his fortune.

  4. For the very first time in recorded history, the bridesmaid’s dresses were a big hit with all the groomsmen.

  5. And I quote:

    Other than the inclusion of “George Soros killed in the crossfire”, that’s pretty much a perfect outcome.

  6. Just giving the groomsmen one last look at them.

    (Yeah, yeah, I know; I’m too young to be this cynical.)

  7. During the ‘Hopefully Next!’ mingling segment of the rehearsal supper, Brenda offers her ‘condolences’ to all the unattached bachelors… although, as is customary for these types of functions, the terms ‘unattached’ and ‘bachelors’ are merely a ‘suggestion’ to be occasionally observed sometimes.

  8. After Brandon’s re-assignment surgeries, he was often overly-exuberant in his PDSA (Public Displays of Self-Affection).

  9. In her favorite ‘jus a few Tequila drins, ossifer’ mood, Brenda seemed to misplace her brassiere.
    Fortunately, in preparation for the strong likelihood of such a happening, she chose a venue with several fellows available to offer them support!

  10. It was then that Charysse realized the wisdom of her father’s admonition to never wear a strapless dress.

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