By The Numbers

It occurred to me yesterday that some wokester / Pantifa type (you all know the people I mean) might take issue with my statement in Comments, following my use of the dreaded Word That Shall Not Be Spoken (nigger):

I’m more African AND more American than most people of the Pantifa/BLM persuasion…

To use the revolting modern expression:  let’s “unpack” that sentence.

  1. I was born in Africa and lived there for thirty years.
  2. My family has lived in southern Africa since before 1690, a little longer than many of the so-called “Bantu” tribes, who only made their way south from central Africa in the late 1700s and early 1800s.
  3. I speak one African language (would be more, but my Zulu and Sotho… oy).
  4. I’ve lived in America for thirty-four years, and been a U.S. citizen for thirty.

Any way you slice it, I’m far more African than the average native-born Black person, and I’m more American than any recent African immigrant (e.g. Somali, Nigerian, etc.) by virtue of a.) my citizenship and b.) my length of domicile in the U.S.

“Aha!” a wokester may say triumphantly, “but you’re not Black!

So it’s all about skin color?  Well… now who’s the racist?

[exit, singing Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika]


  1. Last year my family decided to use 23andMe DNA testing and see what comes up. My daughters thought it fun. My wifey is Asian and her results show just that. 100% pure. My results, and hence the chillins, more interesting. Mom was Finnish. Dad was Sicilian. Now Dad had warned me long time ago. If you wiki the history of Sicily you will find it was the equivalent of a freakin bus depot for the last 2000 years ! Lol…

    So I have genetic tracings to every country across North Africa and Senegal, Gambia, up thru the mid east, out thru Turkey, up across Europe to the Artic Circle !!!!

    So I be filling out those ATF 4473 forms now as black !!! And damnit I got proof !!!! I am shooting for my reparations check !!!!

      1. If you were born here, you’re a Native American; if both of your parents were born here, you’re a Natural Born Native American.
        If that offends some of our “aboriginal brothers”……Tough!

    1. Sho Nuff, I be admirin’ you fo doin’ that!
      I gun do the same ting.
      You recommend 23andme or another service? Which one keeps my information confidential?

    2. I’ve got my family tree more or less fully filled out on both sides going back to the early 1700’s, and it’s pretty well filled out into the 1500’s, so even without DNA I know pretty well my whole lineage.

      Dad’s side is largely English/Welsh, with the occasional influx of Swedish, Irish, Scottish, and French. Mom’s side is largely Dutch, but her 100% Dutch father married a Norwegian/Swedish girl so this makes me just under half English/Welsh, quarter Dutch, eighth Norwegian, sixteenth Swedish, and then the little bit left over is comprised of the Irish, Scottish, and French. Oddly enough, I don’t glow in the dark….

      My “name line” ancestors came to the US in the 1640’s, and I’m a Mayflower descendant through my dad’s maternal line. The most recent immigrants were my mom’s grandparents, who immigrated from the Netherlands in 1905 and then met here in America. He was from the north (Schildwolde, Groningen) and she from the south (Delft, South Holland) — they never would have met in Europe, but in America, well, I exist, so meet they did 😉

      For grins one of my sisters did a DNA test anyway, and it just confirmed what we already knew — Primarily British Isles , with a significant Scandinavian part and a touch of “Western Europe” (ie France).

  2. I have a nice adopted, blonde headed, grandson in his 20’s who was born in Irkutsk Siberia so we call him our Asian American.

  3. I avoid ‘nigger’ because:
    * slum-dwellers say it to each other.
    I want to avoid anybody thinking I support slum-dwellers… or, good grief, I want to avoid anybody thinking I am a slum-dweller.

    I avoid ‘nigger’ because:
    * it sounds like something used by ‘dis-enfranchised’ ‘under-privileged’ ‘under-represented’ ‘persons of color©’.
    I want to avoid folks thinking I support city cess-pools… or politic correction language.

    The biggest reason I avoid ‘nigger:
    * I doubt The Most Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior, in all his eloquence, would stoop to such language.
    In public.
    Around Caucasian folks.

    The other reason I avoid ‘nigger’:
    * the negro people I know are just about ready to go ‘nigger hunting’.
    They think the slum-dweller trash paint all negro people with the broad brush of ‘Tourette-Syndrome lying thieving addict incompetents’.
    And I tend to agree.

    Fortunately, Americans have ‘free speech’, so anybody can go around saying ‘nigger’, ‘nigger’, ‘nigger’ all they want.
    Legally, morally, and ethically, nobody can stop you.
    Along the lines of rap ‘music’ or anybody with ‘social-justice/marxist’ in their title, I do not have to listen… hence, my handy ear-plugs.
    And shooting glasses.

      1. “It’s a free country.”

        Show of hands… how many are old enough to remember that quaint saying?

        Break into small groups, discuss.

  4. Hell, I was born in East St. Louis, Illinois (63 years ago).

    In the 2010 census, it was 1% white, 1% hispanic and 98% black.

  5. None of this has anything to do with Race, or Police Brutality……
    We are in a Class War (Struggle) with Marxists and it is headquartered in Faculty Lounges across America wherever Post-Modernists are found. They are attempting to eliminate the Middle-Class (Damn Kulaks) and give us the Glorious Scientific Socialism that can be seen any day of the week in Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea.

  6. I was raised in the South and taught not to call people names. We avoided the word “nigger” in polite company just as we avoided other coarse language, but it was used. If whites used it to address blacks it was a fighting word and I assume the same was true among blacks, at least that was the case whenever I saw it. Back then it was just a word, though, and hadn’t attained the magical qualities the libs have bestowed upon it.

  7. As my ol’ gray haired Pappy used to say:
    “Son, you got your colored folks, and you got your niggers, and they ain’t the same thing.”

  8. Why would you give a flying fuck what some woketard might “take issue” with? They can stick their diktats up their asses.

  9. Two small towns in Texas, up near the panhandle, back in the 1970s. Both of them too small for a full-sized high-school football team, so they played in the six-man leagues. Each town had one black player on the team, probably each from the only black family in town. During one game, the black kid from the opposing town tackled the black kid from the local town, resulting in a yell from the stands: “Hey! Somebody get that nigger off our colored boy!”

    Kim, I follow three African-Americans by blog – you, Lawdog, and Peter Grant. You’re all American to the core, regardless of how long it took y’all to get here. Keep it up!

    1. Kim’s always been an American (whether he knew it or not), he just had the misfortune to be born on the wrong continent.

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