Same Advice, Different Situation

I see that the Pantifa / Black oLives Matter crowd have taken to invading restaurants now:

Chanting “silence is violence,” the protesters demanded that people they encountered in the street, as well as the patrons of various restaurants, raise their hands to indicate solidarity with the goals of BLM.

My natural inclination to this kind of neo-Nazi thuggery and intimidation, of course, would be to raise my fist in solidarity, thus: 

…but that would probably be unwise.  Let me therefore remind everyone that the proper initial response to this nonsense is to insert earplugs in the proper manner:  This should be done for two reasons:  firstly, it will help drown out the silly chanting of this little shits.

I shouldn’t have to tell y’all the second reason, which might be necessary after you’ve put in the earplugs and then raised your (left*) fist in the manner above, and the Pantifastas take umbrage and attempt to do violence to you because they were “provoked”.  (Personally, I might be provoked to violence just by having some pasty-faced little middle-class weenie screaming in my face, but no doubt somebody’s going to have a problem with this.)

Anyway, this public service announcement comes on the heels of the first one.  Always have earplugs handy, folks.

*right hand, if you’re left-handed.


  1. Most sit-down eating establishments have on each table an array of ammunition either in the center, if a table, or at one end, if a booth. Getting a 90 mph sugar shaker slammed into your face will take the wind out of a pisswilly’s sail every time.

    And then there’s the chairs themselves. I nicely built steel or aluminum chair can wreck quite a few medical records before it breaks down.

    If anyone tries to steal even one minute of my life in any way at all they will reap a reward they had never imagined and it will take them months, if ever, to recover.

    I generally have an “at rest” look on my face that conveys the idea that I am not in the mood to put up with anyone’s bullshit at all.

  2. They did that down here in the west end. Once.

    I think in most cities, that’s all they’re going to get.

    Once everyone knows what the game is, they lost the element of surprise.

    I can tell you that were I a restaurant owner, finally being able to scrabble back on my feet, I’d have zero tolerance for this. Everyone knows they have glass jaws. Soon as they take a hit they flee.

  3. I saw that video and my heart went out to the lady sitting there. First off, she’s trying to have a ‘normal’ eating out experience, yet due to the china flu fear, is sitting outdoors wearing a mask. Even though the DC mayor has that everyone on her city must wear a mask all the time, I can’t imagine this lady being cited while sitting at a eating establishment. So I can only conclude she is afraid, yes afraid, of catching the flu and dying. Then along comes this woke crowd and starts yelling in her face because she probably just doesn’t understand they want to make a social media example of her.

    Proper response? If it were me, I would stand up, take the mask off, and spit in their face. Of course, I wouldn’t be wearing a mask, nor would I be found anywhere in that city. Fact is, even though I live in Northern Virginia, I probably will never enter the city again. Ditto Maryland. Let them rot.

  4. Kim, I think you know me well enough to anticipate my reaction should this abomination happen to me.

    Whilst unable to bear arms (insert copious crying, wailing and gnashing of teeth) in this Sovereign land, my action would commence with an assortment of GOOD and COPIOUS British swear words (happy to introduce those across the pond to a few fruity varieties) and end with the words ‘Fuck off and die’ accompanied by a hefty punch in the gob.

    Good job I’m a lady, isn’t it.

  5. So, these … confused yoots … get inside my personal space at a public venue, and start screaming?

    Damned shame about my nervous twitch, sending my elbow into somethings gonads… I’m old, and have tinnitus and PTSD.

    Then, pull down it’s mask and offer some hot sauce instead of a sip of water…. (See ‘old….’, above).

    As I am helping the thing to it’s feet, it’s a damned shame how he tripped over the chair and went face first into the table. Three times.

    1. When you’re helping xim to ziz feet, be sure for convenience, to use ziz “Stacking Swivel”, to use the phrase popularized by the Marine Corps. It’s probably the easiest part to find, being just below the mask.

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