Difference Of Opinion

Shooting off into the darkness, Mitch Berg suggests that this pic proves that the Socialists are deranged:

Me, I think it’s a combination of wishful thinking and the “cult of personality” — an excellent example of totalitarian art as created by Nazi Germany of their hero:

At least the Nazis used a realistic (albeit fanciful) depiction of their hero.  Our modern-day wannabe totalitarians have to rely on their stumbling standard-bearer as a comic-book superhero, and his sidekick in her best “tonight I’m gonna blow Willie Brown” costume.

What a shambles.


  1. Now they just need to find their Leni Riefenstahl. God help us. For over a century the authoritarian regimes have smeared a large dollop of cream cheese on the cultural bagel. Heroic art, Soviet art, Leni’s brilliant skills to the young 3rd reich, or the beautiful Cardi B warbling about her WAP. Like it or not, for good or bad, they all change the perception of the populace. As none other than Andrew Breitbart said….politics is downstream from culture.

      1. I’ve longed referred to Moore as “The present day Riefenstahl, only not as good looking and without her talent and skill”.

  2. I don’t know….I could see wonder woman blowing superman….and they’re all cartoon characters anyway.

    1. Wouldn’t that be like putting a .38 in your mouth and pulling the trigger?*

      * Oblique reference to the old Superman and Lois Lane piece by Isaac Azimov.

  3. I remember when the most recent Wonder Woman came out (with the lovely Gal Gadot), and the leftists/feminists complained that, as an Amazon, Wonder Woman wouldn’t have shaved her armpits while the character in the movie obviously had. Now those same leftists are using Wonder Woman imagery for their VP pick.

    It is to laugh. Almost as funny as Bill Clinton complaining about Trump not respecting the Oval Office.

    1. Somehow, I don’t think that The Donald will ever have to worry about promoting his own brand of flavored cigar.

    2. Wonder Woman would absolutely have shaved – above and below. The ancient Greek women weren’t fans of female armpit hair, if the surviving statues are to be believed. Actually, they weren’t fans of any body hair below the neck: the more you shaved, the higher your class.

  4. Moore is the living embodiment of “Jaba the Hutt!”! That makes “Stacey the Hutt” (his sister), and “Pritzker the Hutt” (his brother). What a lovely family! (ROFL!)

  5. They dont look any goofier to me than the one of trump standing on the prow of a tank with his m16.

    1. My standard for goofy is still Deukmejian in the tank with the colorful motorcycle crash helmet.
      Leftist politicians have been going for the image over the policy for thirty-two years now, so you’d think they’d have some self-awareness by now of what looks statesman-like and what just looks like they’re overgrown Teens Cosplaying at being Presidential.

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