News Roundup

This week, a picture’s worth a thousand words (links in the pictures):

you see, that’s the nice thing about being a sovereign nation and not part of some unelected supranational entity:  you don’t need to get permission from anybody when your own self-interest is involved.

oh NOES !!!  No Aintree, no Train Smash Women!  How much more must we endure?

nobody cares what you think, you washed-up old Marxist bitch.

STFU, you stupid name-brand nobody.  As if anyone cares what you think, either.

yup, there go the Commies;  always with the “experts” to tell us how to run our lives.  And Congress?  I’d rather put Steve Urkel in charge.

…make it “permanent”, and at least some good will have come out of this shit.

no, no, you silly people, you shouldn’t be buying eeeevil guns:  why, the government will look after you and keep you safe — just like they do your families back in Wuhan.

…what’s even funnier is that most of his supporters will believe him.

And finally, one pic to answer another:



  1. No, no. Her Shrillness isn’t a MARXIST bitch. That isn’t fair to Marxists (not that I care much). She’s a greedy, vampiric, criminal bitch. Marxists’ first impulse is how to CONTROL people. Shrillary’s first impulse seems (from her history) to be how to make money, crookedly.

    1. Most heartily agree. She’s not Marxist yet. Capitalist, through and threw. She’d trade with any Marxist if there’s a dollar in it for her “charities”.

  2. Now I feel a little bit stupid after reading all that stupid stuff.
    I gotta cut this machine off, go outside and do something, maybe cut some wood.
    I expect wood to be stupid, so no surprises there….

    1. Wood allows you to build a fire, and read by it……
      thereby expanding your knowledge.
      See……Wood Is Smart.

  3. We should give Congress an incentive to stay home….
    perhaps a promise not to indict them for the crimes they’ve committed until they come back into session?

    1. Dutch government banned all gatherings of over 100 people.
      When asked if that included parliament (which is 150 people here) the prime minister said he didn’t know as that’s not his thing to call.
      Next day parliament decided to postpone all sessions and only meet through conference calls 🙂

  4. Megan McCain: stupid name-brand nobody. That’s priceless! May I steal it? I know other people who could fit the description, but it’s perfect for her.

    I don’t watch The View, could someone tell me if the Blathering Bitches are Social Distancing? Like maybe, separate dumpsters in various Liberal hell-hole cities.

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