Inexplicable Part Deux

I saw that the CanuckiPM’s wife has been diagnosed with the dreaded Wuhan virus.  I didn’t even know the little drip was married, so I hastened to see the evidence:

Wait… what?  Shome mishtake, shurrly.

She’s quite hot, in that bland north-of-the-48th-parallel way, and probably could have had her choice of Canucki-males.  But no.  This near-hottie did this:

…with this?

(Bernard Weil/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Good grief.

Then I learned that she’s since had three children, all allegedly fathered by him.

As I said, inexplicable…


  1. I had to look that one up. Nice to learn a new word. In Oklahoma we just say “marryin up” which means that the other partner has indoor plumbing that usually works.

  2. Power and money beat good looks and personality every day.

    Hey Kim, you once said something about Donald Trump looking like a gargoyle but getting access to some primo pudenda, or something like that.

    Me? In my single days, when I was lonely I’d go to a bar, order a beer, and sit there licking my eyebrows….

    1. That was my first thought when I saw the pictures, but I don’t think Kathleen Turner would ever marry a Canadian fruit bat.

  3. She’s 6 beer attractive and he looks like a whiny rich boy that gets bullied a lot.
    Is that any way to run a country?
    In the new millennium, yes.

  4. The word “Beard” comes to mind. But then I live in Southern California, land of fruits, nuts, flakes and Hollywood aspirants.

  5. It is a challenge, especially once she decides that she should hide that in order to find what she needs behind your right buttock.
    As D. Keith Mano said once, some forty-five years ago, Alimony and Child Support last a lot longer than unemployment.

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