1. Cool.
    We have Gunsmoke Season 15 in DVD player #2 right now and watch an epi every few nights at suppertime. I have purchased all seasons up to 16 and will get the rest as they come available. I expect the cost of the DVD’s to increase now that it is out that they kill CV19. Oh well. Where Miss Kitty iz?

      1. Hey, if alcohol is the most important ingredient in hand sanitizer, how much more effective it will be if we attack this from inside as well. My preference is bourbon, but then I’m a philistine colonial. 😉

        1. If you can get your bloodstream to 60% it will kill off *all* infections.

  2. Entire Iranian government dead. Populace votes to return the name to ‘Persia’, invites Reza Pahlavi to return to the Peacock Throne and form a government.

  3. Entire San Francisco board of supervisors hospitalized with CV19 after touring homeless encampment.

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