Staying Home II

It is, as they say, to LOL at our cousins in Britishland as they begin to panic:

Panic-buying Brits strip supermarket shelves of pasta, couscous and water: Shops are left bare of larder essentials as well as toilet roll, Berocca and disinfectant as coronavirus ‘preppers’ brace for meltdown

Couscous?  [exit, pissing myself laughing]

Sorry, had to clean up a little.  I do like the addition of Berocca (supposed hangover remedy, similar to Alka Seltzer) to the list of “emergency” supplies.

Just go ahead and read the article for more merriment.  Good grief, do these people keep anything in the house?

Followup:  of course, let’s not forget our own doomsayers here in Murka:


  1. Those photos can be taken on any random weekend at Costco. Nothing special about carts laden with giant quantities of random stuff. Doesn’t matter what you buy , you can ONLY buy it in the Giant Economy Package of 24.

    1. I don’t think our guy is going to die if he runs out of chicken stock, buttermilk pancake mix or Log Cabin syrup. I suspect that he’s buying supplies for a church kitchen, or a spring break retreat. I see this scene all the time in our local Sam’s Club.

    2. >Those photos can be taken on any random weekend at Costco.

      I noticed there was no water in there. Yesterday, nearly every cart exiting the Las Vegas Costco Business Center (not one of their normal stores, but even more wholesale and less retail than usual) had at least a few 40-racks of bottled water. Some loaded up the big flat carts with a dozen or more. Store staff were bringing pallets out of the back of the store about as fast as they were being emptied by people.

      FWIW, I picked up a half-dozen for myself. At a bit over 5 gallons each, that should be a 30-day supply. If Corona-chan turns out to be a nothingburger, I’m only out $18 (and I’ll put it all to use one way or another anyway).

  2. Came to say this. Looks like the guy runs some kind of cafe. Pancake mix, syrup, cranberry juice, trash bags, food service amounts of plastic wrap, 50 lbs of butter, all the screams “breakfast cafe.”

    Church pancake fundraiser is an even better guess.

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