Gratuitous Gun Pic – CZ Upland 20ga

Oh man… just saw this beauty at Collectors:

Last time I looked, CZ doesn’t make their shotguns, still outsourcing their manufacture to Huglu in Turkey.  That’s not a knock, by the way:  I’ve fired many actual Huglu-branded shotguns, and they’re excellent.

Just so everyone’s on the same page as I am, note Kim’s Must-Haves list:

  • side-by-side barrels no less than 28″ in length
  • double trigger
  • straight “English” stock (no revolver grip)
  • splinter forend
  • pretty wood

And all the above for quite a bit less than a grand… ooooh mommy, I hate being poor.

Afterthought:  compare the above to the Italian-made Weatherby for sale at the same shop.  The Weatherby may be a better shotgun than the CZ… but in no way is it nearly three times  better.


  1. Nice gun. But about your “hate being poor,” comment, try being poor AND retired. Our latest “raise” from Social Security doesn’t even buy a 12-pack of beer.

  2. I don’t even shoot shotguns much (occasional trap, like once every couple years) and shoot a few 00-buck through the HD shottie once in a while.

    But your picks of these side by sides always give me a bit of a chubby. Am I a pervert?? 😀

  3. Kim,
    That CZ 20-ga sure is purtier than a $20 whore … (/Slim Pickens a la Blazing Saddles)

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