Oh, That’s Charming

I see that the Supremes have fucked up yet again:

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Tuesday families of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting can proceed with their lawsuit against gunmaker Remington Arms.
The high court decided it won’t take up the case, but said the families can still seek damages from the gun company over the 2012 Newtown, Conn., attack that killed 20 children and six adults. Justices rejected Remington’s argument that firearm manufacturers are shielded from liability in crimes.
The families argue Remington marketed the AR-15-style assault rifle in a fashion that inspired shooter Adam Lanza to plot the attack. Advertisements, they say, promoted the gun as “a highly lethal weapon designed for purposes that are illegal — namely, killing other human beings.”
The lawsuit says Remington should never have sold a weapon that dangerous to the public — and argues Remington used product placement in violent video games.
Remington has argued a 2005 federal law shields gunmakers from liability for crimes committed with their products. Tuesday, the Supreme Court justices rejected that position.

I feel I should say something about this travesty, but what I say could possibly result in an unfriendly visit from a federal alphabet agency — to be met by an extremely unfriendly reception from yours truly — so I’ll just shut up.

So much for that “conservative” Supreme Court the Left has been wailing about.

If I had the money, I would buy a fucking Remington AR-15 right now, even though I’m not a fan of AR-15s (as any fule kno) and apparently the Remington variants are not highly regarded by the AR-15 cognoscenti.

I think I am going to buy another Remington product, however, just so they can get a few bucks into their coffers to defend themselves against this bullshit.  But which one?

There’s the 1911R1 (as a possible replacement for my venerable Springfield):

Then the 870 pump, always a crowd-pleaser, and I’ve never owned one before:
And because I still  don’t own a semi-auto .22 rifle (sssshhhh don’t tell the TX state police), there’s the little heavy-barreled 592:

Or I could just go for something a little more ummm deadly (seeing as that’s what’s getting everyone upset), like the Remington Semi-Automatic Carbine in (say) .308 Win:

None of that wussy AR-15 .223 shit for Kimmy, not in my current mood.

Sadly, right at this moment I can’t afford any  gun, but I think I can formulate a plan to get one which would satisfy everyone except Michael fucking Bloomberg.

Watch this space…


  1. So, we now live in a dictatorship where the law means nothing and nine unelected Ivy League fools who cannot read the plain meaning of the laws get to tell us what they mean. The Congress is impeaching the wrong people.

  2. What idiots. The purpose of such guns is not to kill people but to keep you safe. Which may involve killing goblins.

  3. I’m following this case with great interest… They have AT LEAST one more run away SCOTUS if the state courts find against Remington. This was basically just SCOTUS refusing to stop the lawsuit from progressing, not refusing to allow the lawsuit to be appealed.

    That said… Friends don’t let friends buy post-Freedom Group Rustington. Don’t do it, Kim.

      1. QC has gone down the shitter since Remington got bought out by Cerberus/Freedom Group. Shoddy finishes, poorly fitted parts, improperly treated metal extremely prone to rusting. If you have to have a Remington, buy one that was manufactured prior to June 2007.

          1. That’s your call, boss. Don’t get me wrong, I think this was a bad call by SCOTUS, but I was already not supporting Remington because of the crap QC on… Everything.

    1. True, but so long as a company can be sued to death over the firearms they sell, we get a de facto gun ban because no company will be able to stay in business so long as they can be sued with impunity by anyone shot by one of their guns.

      In other words, if Sandy Hook victims can sue, why can’t some mother in inner city Chicago whose precious little felon…er…choir boy got shot while holding up a liquor store or during some drive by shooting?

  4. I have what may sound like an odd Remington suggestion:

    I lady friend is having some trouble with a fella who just won’t accept “No” for an answer. She asked me to help her pick out a decent bang stick. We did some shopping and she fell in love with a semi-auto 20 gauge compact/youth 11-87. Now, I’m a big boy so I’ve always been a 12 ga fan and never even considered anything smaller…but this thing is sweet. Light, short stock, 21” barrel, low recoil. I don’t need one…but am seriously tempted to pick one up.

  5. I never got the feeling like Roberts was keen on the Heller decision anyway. This gives Roberts the means to impose de facto gun bans while still holding up the pretense that he sides with the Constitution.

  6. Can i sue Jack Daniels Distillery for 18 years child support since they were liable for some bad decisions i made in the past? Can i sue Dodge for compensation on several speeding tickets since they put a Hemi in my truck, a dragstrip race engine with more horsepower than anyone “needs” on public roads? Can i sue Dunkin Donuts for my fat ass? Where does it end?

    1. It ends where liberals say it ends or when conservatives make the cost of this kind of nonsense too high for judges, congressmen, and presidents to even consider.

      The definition of “too high” is left to the reader but I operate from the presumption that “too high” means taking away their power and influence…you know, that which they love above all else.

    2. > Can i sue Jack Daniels Distillery for 18 years child support since they were
      > liable for some bad decisions i made in the past?

      Under this theory *IF* you can prove that Jack Daniels was what you were drinking on the night the deed got done, yeah.

      I know a guy who knows a guy who is currently victim shopping for someone who (1) has/had esophageal cancer AND can demonstrate that they have been drinking the same brand of alcohol for decades–so they can tie the cancer to the alcohol, and the alcohol to a deep pocket.

      Fucking ambulance chasers.

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