1. Goin’ shootin’! 😀 Yee haw! .22, 9mm, and the All Americans, .357/.38 and .45 acp.

  2. Here in Oregon, females wear their cut-offs with half the pockets showing. A lot of folks think this’s appropriate. On all levels.

    Keeping this in mind:
    In the second portrait, does the nice lady violate the 3:1 shorts length to belt ratio? For the sake of our home viewing audience, should she trim her shorts higher?

    Or she could worsh them a few times to accelerate the fray…

    1. Speaking of the second portrait, this Duck wants to advise the viewers thereof that he doesn’t have to see any beaver, nor what appears to be a right testicle peeking down below the cut-off.

  3. If you like curvy (see also: “candy-coated”) brunettes wearing the US flag, look up “Princess Eugenie bikini”.

    You’re welcome.

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