1. FUGABUNCH of Nike and their shills. Speaking of shills, that other Nike guy – Eldrick sumpfin or the other – is loudly quiet.

  2. HAPPY 4th of JULY ! Sunrise in 5 minutes, time to put on some trousers and shoes and go put my U.S. of America flag up and be thankful Hillary is not our president.

    1. Indeed be Thankful that Her Nibs isn’t president. May she soon receive deserved rewards.
      Traditionally, morning Colors in the naval services is 0800 so it’s about time to pull up my socks and stand tall.
      Paradoxically, evening Colors is at sunset. Perhaps a case of some people not being morning types.

  3. Happy 4th, Kim and a belated welcome back! I had no idea you were blogging again until I saw the link on Cold Fury so naturally, I had to spend the last few days catching up on the archives. Your voice was missed!

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