This Age Bullshit

I see that the Democrat Socialist Party wants to lower the voting age to 16, in the fond hope that this will give them a massive injection of (for a change) legal voters.

So… we’re going to let people who (according to the law) are too immature to drink beer, drive a car, sign a contract, have sex or get married etc., vote in elections?  (Never mind that until recently, you couldn’t vote till you were 21… (don’t get me started).

I say:  fine.  Let the kiddies vote — as long as  in acknowledging that they are mature enough to make informed decisions about our country’s political future, they are also mature enough to have sex, drink alcohol, drive a car, sign contracts, get married, leave school, buy handguns and semi-automatic rifles  — oh, and get drafted into the Armed Forces.  Also, their parents can turf them out of the house at age 16, and not be responsible for their well-being any longer.  And seeing as we’re going to be all equality and stuff, this has to apply to both girls and boys, as well as those still too fucked up unsure to decide which.

Let’s have these little fuckers see what it really  means to be an adult.  Voting is simple;  dealing with life away from elections is fucking hard.


  1. They can drop the age to 0 as far as I’m concerned. As long as the only people that are accountable to the politicians are they that voted for them.

  2. There is method in the madness of pushing for 16 y.o. to vote.

    The brainwashing and indoctrination of our youth into liberal BS groupthink by the teachers unions is now seen as being successful and the time is ripe to push for “youth representation” by giving them the vote.

    Naturally, there is no thought of allowing the yoots who vote any comparable freedoms or responsibilities like like drinking alcohol, getting married, paying taxes, buying guns, serving in the military etc. etc.

    Just vote the urban bugmen into power then get back into the “safe space” beloved of college administrators with the fluffy bunny toys and colouring books.

  3. 14 or fight.
    Remember that?

    “Wild in the Streets”
    From 1968:

    Max Frost and his band want to run the country and with the help of their friends and some pharmacology, they take over the political structure of the USA. It’s a reasonably well made cautionary tale of the late 60’s. It briefly became a cult favorite and was said to have prompted then-mayor of Chicago, Richard Daily, to put guards around the city’s water supply just prior to, and during the 1968 Democratic National Convention to prevent anarchists from “dosing” the water with psychedelics.

    The storyline is fairly slick for the time; how do a bunch of don’t-trust-anyone-over-30 kids take over the country? There’s a little romance, a little angst, a little rock music, and a lot of scenery-chewing and overacting by the “Major Stars” including Shelly Winters and Ed Begley. Hal Holbrook was able to keep it toned down.

    This was also one of the first major films the late Richard Prior appeared in. The other being Sid Cesar’s “The Busy Body”, released the same year.

    The psychedelic aspects of “Wild in the Streets” make it a great film to pair with Peter Fonda’s “The Trip” for a 60’s double feature flashback fest. Enjoy and never trust anyone under 30. heh.

  4. They tried it in Scotland for the Independence referendum and it still didn’t work.

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