Permanence And Instability

Over at Intellectual Takeout, Walker Larson has some sobering thoughts about the difference between civilization and barbarism:

A true civilization produces architecture, art, artifacts, customs, heritage, and traditions that are meant to last. A barbaric culture may invent some crude forms of these things, but their purpose, and the mindset that generates them, remains fundamentally different, and thus the results are different, too. While civilization engenders a consistent set of customs—a coherent and unifying way of looking at the world rooted in time and tradition—the barbarian is unmoored from any such stable pillars.

His argument is peculiarly appropriate for the times we find ourselves in, and I urge you to read the whole article.


From Reader Sean F. comes this latest bit of insanity:

I have to say that I’m loving this.  The more Trannie Set tries to perpetuate their insanity on society, the better things look for our side.

And by the way:  for our side, accusing us of “transphobia” is really just going to elicit shrugs of indifference, coupled with a “Yeah… so what?” response.

How To Kill Off Women’s ________ Competitions

It’s really simple:  just open them up to men, or men masquerading as women.  We’ve seen it happen in women’s sporting events, and now:  beauty pageants?

A transgender woman has been crowned Miss Netherlands for the first time in the beauty pageant’s history and is now set to compete for the Miss Universe crown. 

Rikkie Valerie Kolle, 22, made history after she won the competition in the Dutch country on Sunday.  The new Miss Netherlands wore a red gown as she was overcome by emotion while receiving her crown from her predecessor Ona Moody and reigning Miss Universe R’Bonney Gabriel from the USA.

Of course, it had to be the Dutch — they, or the Canadians — who went Full Kneebend to the LGBTOSTFU crowd.  (No pics because ugh.)

So hey, to all those feministicals who wanted to ban beauty pageants because Oppressing Womynz or whatever, you’ve got your wish, because now that girly-boys are bona fide  entrants, few men are going to watch the poxy events (because who else watches this stuff?).

Few men = tiny viewing audience (WNBA, etc.) = no advertising interest = no revenue = eventual demise.

I’ve always thought beauty pageants were a load of bullshit, ever since they stopped making them about, well, beauty and started judging entrants by how well they played the violin or how well they understood world politics or similar irrelevancies, instead of how well they filled a bikini.

Let ’em all collapse into the trash dump of history:  nobody cares.

It sucks for the girls, though:  beauty pageants have always been a way for young women to get college scholarships, or modeling contracts or even movie roles.  But if that avenue dies off, well… there ya go.

Never Mind Your 5-Year-Old

…it appears that even a raven can do what Jackson Pollock did:

It’s Jackdaw Pollock! Odin the raven paints just like the American artist whose work is worth millions

A creative raven has the art world in a flap after producing a stunning range of experimental paintings – with her beak.

Eleven-year-old Odin uses an array of vivid animal-safe paints and food colourings to make her amazing abstract works, which are flying off the shelves…

My favorite part:

for up to £15.

…which is about what people should be paying for Pollock’s stupid splashes and daubings, instead of millions.

Quote Of The Day

From an exasperated restaurant owner, who just put a “No Kids Under 10” rule in place:

“We don’t hate your kids.  We hate your parenting.”

Now go to the source (thankee, Reader Sean F.) and watch the embedded video.

Feel the rage build — yours — as events unfold.  (keywords:  New Jersey)

Just Sayin’

Stories like this one provide yet another reason why women shouldn’t be allowed in the workplace:

A ‘cold and calculating’ fraudster stole more than £1.3million from a small family business where she worked. Alison Smith abused her role at a Blaenavon firm in a ‘devastating’ nine-year fraud, Cardiff Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Roger Griffiths said the 42-year-old sowed division and animosity in the family who own Eiran Civil Engineering so she could go undetected as she made hundreds of fraudulent payments – funding a habit for expensive holidays, cars and clothes. Smith worked for the company as a financial manager from June 2012 until January this year when she resigned.

I don’t care about the money this bitch stole;  men have often done precisely the same thing, or worse.  But this horrible woman’s most damning act was sowing “division and animosity in the family”.  Read the whole story to get an idea of the immensity of her evil.

I can honestly say that in my 40+ years in business life, I never saw a man who could compete with any woman in creating an atmosphere of devious backbiting, career assassination and downright unpleasantness in the workplace.  And in most cases it had nothing to do with crap like sexual harassment, either (although I saw that little ploy used quite often).  Women were (and are) just as willing to stab other women in the back, if it benefits them — or sometimes just out of outright spite.

Anecdote is not data, of course;  but ask any ordinary working woman* whether she’d prefer to work with men, or in a female-only workplace.  The response may surprise you.

*this definition would exclude gender careerists and almost all rabid feministicals.