1. “So guess where I am today?”

    Looks like Key West lite.
    I got $100 toward bail money, but I want to see video of the head slamming.

  2. If it were a bit warmer you could go over to Lake Travis a few miles NW of Austin and see Hippie Hollow Nudist Park, the only approved nudist beach in Texas. From what I have been told those you see there in the summer you might wish you had never seen. Things seen cannot be unseen, especially around Austin.

  3. Just looking at the first two pictures I was going to guess San Fransicko or Austin.
    Then I realized, “Why the Hell would KdT EVER go to San Fransicko?!?”

  4. Pic #1 looks like it could have been my backyard some years ago. I’ve cleaned it up some since.
    Pic #2 looks like “normal” for SoCal, but I used to think Texas just wouldn’t allow that sort of foolishness. Love the Texas gentleman in the background politely trying not to laugh.
    Pic #3 is just a typical cactus garden. Folks will plant cactus just about anywhere, and it will grow like weeds (d*mn prickly weeds) if you let it.
    Pic #4 looks like a scene from a typical New York neighborhood, only cleaner.

    As for punching a hippie, I’d be willing to bet that there are still enough real Texans in Austin that would mis-direct the cops while you made your getaway.

  5. 1. A group of friends met for a party in Austin, once. The best comment of the weekend was “Gotta love Austin. It’s only 15 minutes from Texas.”
    2. Re: Every commie South of Dallas: Consider Sheila Jackson Lee, Rob “Beto” (fake hispanic) O’Rourke, Lizzie Fletcher, and several other Houston and San Antonio pols. I only wish we didn’t have any like that down here.

  6. $#%^&*!, even Nawthun Vuginya ain’t that bad. YET! No wonder Bob Wills gave up the throne and left town.

  7. Fortunately my experience is that it is possible to avoid some of the worst nonsense in Austin (at least for a short visit)

    Many moons ago when Bergstrom AFB was still open I enjoyed many fine Tex-Mex and steak dinners while TDY there.

    Most recently a few years back while passing through met up with Combat Controller at McBride’s and enjoyed a fine meal at (IIRC) the Cattleman’s Club (?).

    But maybe I never crossed the border from Texas into Austin?

    1. I go to Austin for some reason I usually stay at a Residence Inn on I-35 in the usual cluster of Marriott properties. There’s a Walmart based shopping center a mile or so NW, and a Tarzhay based center a mile or so S. And walking distance to the service center. Do all my shopping day 1 and put away the car til time to leave. That’s as much Austin as I need/want.

  8. Austin has really gone down hill since I was last there. I can chip in bail if you see something so terrible you have a RCOB moment.

  9. Don’t punch the hippies, Kim. Get a super soaker, load it with soapy water and disinfectant, and wield it with a generous hand. A few drops and half those twits will start melting.

  10. I saw the first picture and immediately thought San Francisco, but then saw the “Water over Road” sign and thought Austin.

  11. Not quite every commie…the mayor of Houston (who’s name I’ll not be bothered to look up) and her gun-grabber chief of police, Art Acevedo, (so useless he was run out of Austin) are in, well, Houston.

  12. As we often say here in Pflugerville, and as it says on one of my t-shirts, “Keep Austin, Weirdos.”

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