If you like gorgeous photographs, look at these.  My favorite is this one: it’s a detail, not the full thing (which wouldn’t have fitted on the page).

The last time I saw lighting like that, it was in a Rembrandt painting.  The photographer is Chris Fletcher, who apparently first picked up a camera in 2011.  (I’m not an envious type by nature, but there are limits…)


  1. We have our own version of this within an easy stroll of our house Kim, with a traditional pub where the canal boats can pull up and indulge in good food and drink.

    Next time you’re over this way, I’ll take you there.

    From here, you can cruise into the commercial heart of the town, passing new buildings reaching skyward, the Gaol that once held Oscar Wilde, and the ruins of the Abbey founded in 1121, and onwards.

    The canal runs for 87 miles. Once derelict, it was fully restored, mostly by volunteers, and was reopened to the public in 1990.

  2. I’ve been brooding over this post for a few days. In 2009 my wife dragged me into the Prado in Madrid. I hated art gallery/museum thingies until then. I was stunned. Spent days there, in two hour segments, which was all my brain could absorb. Saw a few odd little sketches by Rembrandt.

    Little sketches, ha, ha, ha, my brain was frazzled.

    Went to Amsterdam last year, saw many of his works here there and everywhere, especially the Rembrandthuis and the Hermitage Amsterdam branch. How did those Russian commies get hold of those? Jesus, commies are sticky fingered.

    This photographer has it. He needs machinery, so he’s no Rembrandt, but he has the eye.

    Fuck me, I am envious, of both of they bastards, even if you’re not.

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