Just Deserts

I’ve been thinking about this whole thing about ex-men (transgender, or whatever the fuck they call themselves nowadays) entering women’s athletic events and — surprise, surprise — winning, in some cases by miles.  (Some background here [warning: link contains Piers Morgan] )

Everyone seems to be going on about How Unfair It All Is, etc., but I for one have nothing but praise and support for this nonsense.  Why?

Because I’m getting I’m getting a severe case of SO (Schadenfreude  Overload), for one thing. I love the fact that the LGBTOSTFU crowd have imposed their agenda onto both women and men, and women are feeling the brunt of the unforeseen consequences.  (“Unforeseen” to them, that is;  anyone with a knowledge of recent history — e.g. Renee Richards, tennis player — knew full well that the girly-boys would always trounce the girly-girls at any kind of athletic activity because loss of male sex organs would never negate the physical advantages that men have over women, no matter how much the feministicals and LGBTOSTFU crowd might try to deny the fact.)

Wishful Thinking, meet Hard Reality.

Which is why I have to change my Depends every time I think of this stuff — it makes me pee myself, I’m laughing so hard.

I also laugh at the fact that Martina Navratilova, once untouchable because of her lesbianism and charter membership in the LGBT Alliance, is getting roasted because she’s actually speaking the truth about this travesty.  (Had the Men’s #100-ranked player in Martina’s time had a sex change, he/she would have beaten the world’s greatest female tennis player 6-0 6-0, and she knows it.)

Truly, the LGBTOSTFU revolution has become so radical that it has started to devour its own — which always happens with revolutions, always — and I for one can only urge them on to still-greater lunacy.

And it doesn’t stop there.  So when abortion supporters get laws that would allow newborn babies to be legally murdered simply because New Mommie Dearest can’t face the thought of changing a diaper in 5 minutes’ time, I say, “Why stop at newborns?  Allow mothers to kill their babies up to the age of 5 years!  Keep the insanity coming!” because at some point, the whole fucking experiment will blow up and come to a merciful end, just as the Soviet Union did, and the little Chavez-Maduro Venezuelan party trick is doing.

And when the Democrat Socialists want to ban private ownership of cars and all air travel, and impose a national rail system to take their place, I say, Go, Go GO little AOC!  Impose the death penalty on people who won’t surrender their Dodge Durangos!  Do that, and see what those unforeseen consequences will bring.  (Hint:  see what eventually happened to Robespierre — the French Revolution’s equivalent of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.)

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of freaks.


  1. (…transgender, or whatever the fuck they call themselves nowadays) entering women’s athletic events and — surprise, surprise — winning, in some cases by miles.

    And the best part of that is that those winners will have an asterisk by their name in the record books.

  2. When things in our culture are working right there is a certain amount of balance and counter balance going on, kind of self correcting stuff which with a couple of exceptions has brought our nation along for the past 200 plus years. We almost lost it a few times, the worst being the Civil War or as some of us call it, the War of Northern Aggression.

    Right now we seem to be in a situation that reminds me of my stupid behavior in my 20s when I would drink too much and drive home in the wee hours of the morning closing one eye so the stripes in the road stayed in place, kind of. Looking back I have no idea how I made it a time or two and I think our nation is tracking along about the same way right now. Things might get real interesting when the bar for political correctness keeps being raised over and over with really stupid shit being touted as the norm.

    Who would have thought men would be women in sports, balls or not balls because from what I have read all a guy has to do is decide, in his heart, that he now identifies as a female and wham-bang he is a girl. What a way for a freak to get attention participating in sports as a muscled up, huge old hairy girl. I read a few days ago about the boy in Colorado in the state wrestling tournament who defaulted rather than wrestle a girl who had made it up to the state level of competition.

    About six years ago a woman I worked with had a 8th grade son who was a good wrestler in the DFW area and there was a girl his age in his division who was strong, fast and smart and the young man drew her as competition in a district meet. His dad was the coach of his team and the dad remind his son that he came from a family of five kids with four sisters, three older than him and he was used to getting whacked on and beat up at times by his big sisters. The dad told the boy to just go out and pretend the girl challenger was a sister, nothing more or less, and beat her. The boy did just that and the girl became screaming mad about her defeat which she expected to win, she was not a good loser and had to be escorted out of the event when her mouth would not shut up. Later his mom as the boy how he felt about his win and he said it was great and he was sorry she got so mad and she really, really smelled good.

    Since I don’t think we will make a correction without a bit of a hard crash and landing I have decided it might as well happen in the next ten years while I am alive and I can see what happens. A good friend of mine was dying of cancer before the last election and he was fascinated with the Trump vs Hillary thing and he was hoping to make it long enough to see who won however he checked out in October of 2016 which was sad.

    At this time I have come to the conclusion that trying to make sense and make a change, other than voting from time to time, has as much effect as a blower twisting and turning to make a strike after the ball has been released.

  3. Yes, logical extremes. Postpartum abortion with a “it takes a village” mentality- I support a mans right to choose.

  4. “Allow mothers to kill their babies up to the age of 5 years!” Why is 5 the magic number?
    You happen to have the phone number for Donkey Chompers’ mom?

    1. Because age 5 is when they enter the school system.

      This means they are now a source of funding for the Democrat Party through it’s proxy, the teachers union.

  5. I’d consider Altered Occluded Cortex to be more analogous to Ceaușescu. And I hope she meets the same end….

  6. “…kill their babies up to the age of 5 years! ”

    Why stop there?
    Take it to it’s natural dead end.
    Make murder legal.
    Then, all the misfits will be killed wholesale, and in time everything will get back to normal.

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