Corporate Nannies

Of course, it had to be a Swedish company which decided that government wasn’t enough, and that Something Had To Be Done:

Volvo will limit ALL of its cars to 112mph from next year in a bid to reduce the number of deaths caused by speeding

Of course, if anyone wants to drive fast and buys a Volvo, they’re fucking idiots.

Next up:  Toyota’s Prius, because of this:

Vroom, vroom — or rather, Swooooshhhhhh!


  1. “Pininfarina Battista will hit 62mph in less than 2 seconds and the electric hypercar has a top speed of 217mph” $2.622 million dollars is a lot of money for a car but what a great ride that would be. I think these super cars will lead to the break through for the electrics which will some day make sense for real people driving real cars which are still a long way off.

    As for Vulva limiting their top speed to 112 mph I remember the great times in the 70’s and 80’s when our U.S. speedometers were topped out at 85 mph and until the 90’s we had the dreadful double nickel 55 speed limit which was a crock. I like my Texas highways with 80 and 85 speed limits since they discover speed limits can be based on roads and conditions and they let us add at least 5 mph on those highways so we can get somewhere in a reasonable amount of time.

  2. Big brother is watching and caring for us.
    Note that the difference in death between hitting a bridge abutment at (the Volvo limited) 112 mph and the unlimited speed of perhaps 156 mph is measured in milliseconds. This action by Volvo is nothing but the same feel good action / legislation as gun control legislation. It has NO affect on traffic accidents or gun violence but the govt / manufacturer can crow about “doing something about the problem.”

  3. A contributing factor might be that Volvo is now a China owned company.

    Everything about Chinese governance comes down to one thing: Control. Complete and absolute control of every one and every thing.

    How much you wanna bet that owning a “Socially Responsible” car such as this Volvo, raises a Chinaman’s “Social Credit” ranking by just a wee bit, there?

    And on that subject, keep a wary eye out for Google to launch a similar effort here, outside of U.S. Government auspices, but I’m sure with a wink and a nod from the Swampish end of the field.

    Really… I’m not a cynic. I’m just an Optimist with Experience.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

    p.s. just acquired a 1960s Remington 572 Fieldmaster, .22 pump rifle. Identical to the very first firearm I ever owned. Such a sweet lil’ rifle it is!

    1. THAT is the very first gun I ever shot, at the age of 5, under my dad’s watchful eyes and hands. 1960. Yes, they is sweet. About 5lbs if I recollect correctly. Toob feed. My sister inherited that gun when he died and I surely wish I had it. Had a 4x scope on it. But, I got his Winchester model 71 .348 and my grand dad’s Winchester model 12 12 gauge circa 1916. One day our son will get both. And not one day sooner! (that .348 costs $4 for every trigger pull, so it doesn’t get pulled a lot)

  4. Today’s article at BisonPrepper == Mudsharks and Barbarians == gives multiple evidences against the success of the 112-mph limitation.

    Chicks dig freaks. Fast freaks attract chicks by the bus-full. Compare the lines of a Volvo to the swoopy status-mobile in today’s article by Mister Dutoit… no hottie in her right mind would willingly choose a safety-mobile. Her genetic imperative requires the outlier.

    As one example, we were visiting goofball central == Eugene, Oregon, fUSA. We were traveling behind a high-status vehicle, a new import Lotus in burnt orange. We witnessed hippie chicks and grannies stunned into paralyzed silence by its passage. By its existence, the high-status vehicle imploded all the adopted correct-politicalness of these modern-blather spouting females. Instantly available for coupling, the weather around them increased in ‘humidity’ by noticeable amounts…

  5. You heard about the Polack who thought a Volvo was part of a Swedish woman’s anatomy?

  6. Wasn’t there an announcement from Volvo’s owners that they were putting the company on a schedule for 100% electric?
    Does this mean that they don’t wish to, or can’t spend the money to make an electric go faster than 112mph, so they might as well start limiting all the cars now to get their customers used to Life in the Slow Lane?

  7. Could save them on the OEM tires with a lower heat rating. Many supercars are limited to 155mph due to tire limitations.

    OBTW I really wish I still had our old 1982 Turbo GT Volvo wagon. There is an outfit turning out flying bricks or old rwd Volvo wagons powered by GM LS or Ford small blocks.

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