Eucalyptus Now

Can anyone else hear the hoofbeats?  No?  Then read this appalling news:

They were the must-have accessory of the eighties and nineties but quickly fell out of fashion.
And now the humble bum bag, also known in the US as the fanny pack, has made a surprising comeback with top designers and celebrities championing the once wildly-mocked accessory.
Fashion houses such as Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton have all showcased bum bags on the catwalk.
And unlike the garish bright, polyester styles of the eighties and nighties, designers have given the accessory a sophisticated makeover with smart leather styles often called ‘belt bags’.

And if that isn’t enough to turn your stomach:

Style-savvy models and celebrities have been spotted donning this sought-after accessory, including Taylor swift who was spotted sporting the ‘Ophidia’ bag by Gucci over the weekend.

Oy vey.  (No pics, because I refuse to be responsible for mass projectile vomiting.)

All that said, I have to confess to owning one of these horrible things.  It’s made of polyester, it’s in my SHTF bin, and it holds five 10-round 1911 magazines.  For emergency use only, when I don’t care what I look like and there are multiple goblins to be shot.


  1. I had one in the 80’s, made by that Italian designer Bianchi ;-).

    Of course I was stationed in Hawaii at the time, so it actually blended in. After coming back to the CONUS, I used it as a traveling bag, putting my wallet, keys, etc into it for a quick grab and run when staying in hotels.

    Coincidentally, it happened to comfortably hold a Browning Hi-Power and spare mag

  2. Kim, I am disappointed in you.

    ” For emergency use only, when I don’t care what I look like and there are multiple goblins to be shot.”

    Sartorial elegance cannot be casually dismissed just because of a “goblin emergency”.

  3. Considering the lunacy described in the “Just Desserts” thread yesterday and the fact that we used to call these things “fag bags”, I’m not surprised that they’re being pushed to the masses like the other thing is. I do hear the hoof beats.

  4. I had a fannie pack holster after they first came out. Jogging across a busy street with my hands full, it ejected my beautiful 3″ stainless J frame Smith and sent it skittering across the pavement, under my truck, and into the gutter. Embarrassment was bad enough but my little beauty was scarred for life! Sorry, no more fannie packs…

  5. I’ll have to dissent on this one. I have one of these (Wal-Mart generic brand) which I use to carry my phone and keys during my morning constitutional. Running pants or shorts just don’t hold up well to even those minimal accessories, so the belt-bag (which sounds much better than “fanny pack”), is really convenient.

    Not something I really need at any other time, but it’s the best tool for what I use it for.

  6. I was thinking about getting one of those around the waist bags, several years ago, just for a super casual, outdoors, not in town, handy way to keep stuff but then my brother in law came to visit and he was wearing one and he’s an asshole so that did it for me, just say no.

    1. LOL, you know it man.
      They just don’t look right.
      Plus, it sticks out like a signal.
      Like the guys wearing vests in the summer.
      If it won’t fit inside the britches you need to reassess your wardrobe.
      “Why yes, I AM glad to see you!”

  7. “Fanny Pack”
    In most of America it is a fashion accessory.
    In San Francisco it’s a verb.

  8. Such things are useful for carrying meds, spare glasses, flashlights in the daytime, GPSs and other such items that are too big for pockets. I have even been known to put a gun in them while in a doctor’s office (an event which is way too frequent as I age) especially when imaging is involved.

  9. As I was reading it occurred to me that these would make a good concealed carry bag. Hiding in plain sight.

    1. Lots of holster and off-body carry (purses, planners, etc) manufacturers also make (or used to make) fanny packs with integral/hidden holsters or pouches. Some only had room for a gun and spare ammo, others had a front pocket to help disguise the true purpose of the bag. Mostly they were ballistic nylon, some were leather, and generally came in different sizes to fit your intended carry piece.

      Some unzipped to expose the weapon, some used velcro and snaps to hold the pocket closed. A properly made pack should never dump the gun as happened to Amos. A drawback to the velcro secured pocket is that it is nearly impossible to make a surreptitious draw, such as often seen on videos on the ASP (Active Self Protection) ytube channel. Everyone will notice the sound of ripping velcro. In this case, the zipper types would be better.

  10. My fanny-pack, or is it a belly-bag, is a bit of Israeli kit in Kaw-key that holds 10, 20-rd FAL mags.

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