Dept. Of Righteous Stabbings

When three men are raping your daughter and the police don’t give a damn, what’s a mother to do?

Grab a kitchen knife, set off after the bastards and stab the shit out of them, killing one and seriously injuring the others, is what.

Had this happened in Texas, the “Lion Mama” would have got a loud Attagirl!  from the police;  instead, she was charged with murder and two counts of attempted murder.  Happily, the prosecutor saw sense (but only after a national outcry of furious hatred), and dropped the charges against her.  The wounded assholes got twenty-five years each.

One wonders what she could have achieved had she been allowed to own a gun…


  1. England or Australia one would presume? Ah, never mind, found the link – Seffrica it was. Good on her, the law provided some justice.

    1. Based on the names “Zamile Siyeka, Zolisa Siyeka, and Mncedisi Vuba,” what race would you guess the rapists belong to?

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