Not As Advertised

Apparently, UK retailer ASOS has done something good:

ASOS has won praise after unveiling a dedicated clothing collection for women with a big bust.
The British online clothing giant has unveiled a new in-house range catering for women with cup sizes from size DD to G – featuring everything from work shirts to party dresses – and shoppers have been tweeting their appreciation.

So purely in the spirit of enquiry, of course, I clicked on the link (don’t bother) to see what all the fuss was about.  Naturally, there were pics of said clothing, but the models were… shall we say less than ideal?


If the goal was to depict women who will benefit from big-breasted clothes, then the one in red was marginally acceptable, perhaps, but the other was assuredly not.

I mean, really?

For the benefit of ASOS, these are the women who would benefit from such clothing:

Yer welcome.

About the last pic:  I actually know her, through a friend.  No augmentation surgery there (don’t ask).


  1. I went to high school with a girl with gigantic breasts. Some years later I bumped into her at a shopping mall but didn’t recognize her. She introduced herself and I apologized for not recognizing her.

    She drily suggested my non-recognition of her was because she had breast reduction surgery after leaving high school, so that was the first time I’d ever looked at her face. She was mostly right.

  2. Professor Kim thanks so much for the education. Unfortunately the model in the blue dress looks like she poses for the family stick figures that you see in the back windows of GMC Yukon SUVs. As for the rest, its good to see that God is still in the brick outhouse business.

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