News Roundup

Stuff I noticed over the past week or so:

Rome is blanketed in putrid smoke and residents are told to stay indoors.  I’m surprised anyone noticed.

Nigella does post-Christmas recipes.  Amazingly, some of them look quite tasty (unlike her usual offerings, which make me gag).

Company figurehead caught beating up his pregnant girlfriendAustralia:  ’nuff said.

The I.R.S. is being gutted by budget cutsGood.  All the more reason to eliminate the corporate- and income taxes and replace them with an end-user (national sales) tax.

Nearly one in five men fantasize about having sex with a robotIf the feministicals continue with their nonsense, expect this number to increase.

And finally:

Artificial steak tastes 70% like the real thing, and will cost about $60Make them mandatory for vegans, and serve them right.  I, however, will just stick with something like this:  

And now, if you’ll excuse me…


  1. The Rome story is actually a very nice story about a citizens revolt.

    I can think of a few government facilities imposed on me by arrogant government arseholes that need to be firebombed by an irate citizenry, and I’m sure you can too.

    At least the Wops and Frogs eventually have enough and start to riot, we in the Teuton derived states seem to be more docile, or, I hope, have both a higher ignition point and a hotter fire.

  2. > All the more reason to eliminate the corporate- and income taxes and replace
    > them with an end-user (national sales) tax.

    So that in 10 years they can re-introduce income taxes “just on the top 1 percent”?

  3. If Nigella – and for that matter, the luscious Giada – cared, TRULY cared about their audiences, they’d film their segments in the nude. But they refuse to.

    So bitter. So hurtful.

  4. I can think of two reasons to avoid allowing out would-be masters to levy a national sales tax;

    1) It might – MIGHT – be ok if they did eliminate the income tax. Don’t hold your breath, and ESPECIALLY don’t trust them to do it if they say they are going to. They won’t.

    2) National sales taxes have a nasty way of morphing into Value Added taxes.

    Attacking the tax system by attacking the taxes doesn’t work. When the people (bless their black flabby hearts) are worked up enough we get a round of tax cuts, which the Master Class (*spit*) raises again as soon as they think they can get away with it. The key is not the income, but the outflow. The government does too goddamned much, and does most of it badly. If we could, somehow, get them to knock most of that sh*t off, THEN we could get taxes reduced as the next stage.

    Of course to do any of that we would have to radically change the mindset of the government, its officers and stooges.

    That’s is what Dr. Guillotine’s admirable invention is for.

    1. I with you on most of your points, especially curbing outflow permanently, preferably with a guillotine. Investors risk losses when we do something civil servants got no skin in the game. They need a death penalty for any of their schemes that doesn’t work.

      In my town we had a stupid young female civil servant convince our city council to close a bunch of traffic lanes for bike paths, which are lightlty used in summer and not used at all November through March it being somewhat goddam cold up here in western Canada then. Off with her head!

      But I have to disagree on the VAT, which we have here in Canada and which works well in that it prevents multiple taxation up supply chains. Imagine the following catastrophe with a simple 5% sales tax: Farmer sells to processor for 100.00 plus 5%, total 105.00. Processor puts in $100.00 worth of processing and mark-up and sells to large final processor for 205.00 plus 5%, total 215.25, the next guy adds 200.00 and now you’re at 436.13. I’m sure you get it. After 6 steps along the supply chain the consumer will pay an effective 30% tax on the farmers original sale price, 25% on the amount extra the first processor added and on and bloody on.

      What actually happens is that the retailer buys up everybody on the supply chain to save the 5% at every step, but runs all the unfamiliar operations badly and reduces total economic efficiency very badly. Can you imagine grocery chain execs running a farming operation? Or Hollywood lefties managing video equipment manufacturing? Yikes.

      1. I would only support a national sales tax or VAT if and only if they amended the Constitution to eliminate the income tax. Otherwise, as sure as the Lord made little green apples, the politicians would hit us with both sets of taxes.

    2. Taxes and morphing – well morphed – brings round a proposal by newly elected Ohio Congressman Warren Davidson (R!). Fund the USA-Mexico Border Wall via “WallCoins”, a crowdfunding scheme or even as a suggested donation option on income tax returns. Similar process as the voluntary campaign donation chek-a-box. Davidson supports cryptocurrency space so what next, kryptobacks?
      Not even sworn in and this Gent is already seeking a new revenue stream. Returning to the morph, the Congressman’s scheme further distances Border Wall funding from the original “Mexico Will Pay” proposal. And voluntary or not, citizens may still end up stuck with the bill.

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