1. And all the guys who own Vettes take pictures of their granddaughters with their beautiful cars. Honestly, they have a Vette show in our town every Spring,, block off about a mile of Main Street and have between 300 to 400 Corvettes gathered in and there are some beauties. I was standing by a local cop a few years ago, looking around and asked the question if the show was restricted to people over 60 years of age that own Vettes. The cop laughed and said it kinda looks that way..

    As for me,, I am old, love those cars and as I told my wife, I don’t make the rules. Also, my older brother has owned Corvettes ever since his first divorce in the 1960’s and he recently bought his last Vette a year ago, and he fits the target group because he is 84.

  2. I remember walking by a big warehouse in Texas where someone had parked a few nice cars like these, and was taking pictures of a smoking hot chick posing naked on them.

    I obviously stopped to admire for a bit.

  3. Kim,
    Corvettes are ok but a bit cliche’. How about some REAL American Muscle like a late 1960s Old Cutlass 442? Thanks.

  4. Kim, for shame! No C1 or C2 Corvettes?
    My replies in order: 1st, maybe only because it’s a Grand Sport; 2nd Maybe, only for the C7; 3rd and 4th, nope no C3; 5th, mayyy—-nope, leather doesn’t overcome the C3 ‘Vette; 6th and 7th, only if the offending C3 ‘vettes were airbrushed out.

    Methinks these would have been a better examples, due to C2 and C7 ‘vettes and the younger Miss Courtney Hansen with the younger ‘vette, and the lovely Ms Linda Vaughn with the C2.

  5. No nice cars around so you had to settle for chevies. Oh well… quality cars might have distracted (a bit) from the ladies.

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