Lies, More Lies And The Guardian

So the Grauniad discovers that rich people fund political issues.  (Quick:  Alert The Media!  Oh, wait…)

Of course, being the Lefty bastards that they are, the Grauniad deplores that fact that most billionaires are in fact quite conservative — e.g. rich people don’t want their heirs to pay estate taxes;  quelle surprise!  Where the liberal rag indulges in its usual mendacity is that it classifies opposition to measures like the estate tax as “unpopular” — which is true if you’re a socialist like they all are, but in fact the estate tax is enormously unpopular in the United States, as poll after poll will tell you (if you do the research, which the Grauniad didn’t).

In fact, the estate tax is unpopular even amongst Americans who will likely never have to pay the tax themselves, which no doubt horrifies the Left because a.) those stupid peasants haven’t swallowed all the Left’s lies about the Eeeevil Rich and b.) said peasants think that the estate tax is wrong in that it’s simply coercive wealth redistribution.

Maybe the estate tax is generally popular in Britain — I wouldn’t be surprised — but all the numbers they quote come from the United States, so that’s the usual Lefty misrepresenting of data to reflect their dogma rather than actual, you know, reality.  There’s only one solution to these socialist bastards and their lying:


  1. No mention of green-energy and anti-gun Tom Steyr and his support of carbon tax and gun control initiatives, etc?

  2. “In fact, the estate tax is unpopular even amongst Americans who will likely never have to pay the tax themselves”

    Kim, you left out a big and important reason: Americans still have the hope that they or their children WILL be rich enough to have to pay the tax some day…. and they don’t see any reason why politicians should get any of what they worked for.

  3. Anytime of day, inheritance tax is government’s final dip into what was saved after having been taxed multiple times over cumulative years. Tax man is a greedy if not insulting basard! Bright side is governments inheritance tax scheme pretty much soaks but a minority of citizens.
    Where government shoves it sideways to everyone is Social Security. Approximately 15% of one’s income is dedicated to SS; half from employee-half from employer. Basically the ratio found in corporate retirement accounts. Reality is that only the employee half is credited to that account. Employer share goes to the US “general fund”, leaving nary a track or trace.
    Thus employees “retirement” is based on 7.5% and not the logical 15% of paid contributions. But the employers contribution is officially a TAX. And employers are burdened out-of-the-gate with that 7.5% TAX for each employee. Gee, why not penalize success, that’s where the money is.
    And SS goes on-and-on with tangle-foot such as no designated beneficiary for singles, and a supplemental benefit (SSI) for relatives of some contributors. And no matter age, SSI recipients are not obligated to have paid a nickel into SS.
    Sorry but BS fouls the keyhole of the SS “lock-box”

  4. This will give you an idea of what .gov thinks of the people:

    It cost more to administer the inheritance tax scheme than they collect. They LOOSE money! It’s simply another jobs program.

    1. The government could lose money on a whorehouse, or a liquor store.

      That should tell you all you need to know.

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