Assault Weapons

Wow… even I’m impressed by the weapons being used by the criminals in London as the crime (tidal) wave continues:


Clearly, banning the things won’t do any good, just as banning guns hasn’t worked too well. 

And the violence is no longer confined to the scuzzy areas of London and the other cities;  I saw from a pic in another article that one of the attacks took place where I took a stroll in London just a few months ago.

I’ve been racking my brain for some kind of solution to this — seriously, I have — and the more I look at it, there are only a few solutions:

  • Flood the streets with cops —  but the Brits don’t have enough cops.
  • Allow the citizens to arm themselves — like that’s going to happen.
  • Reinstate the death penalty (especially for scum who do things like this) and get serious about executing dangerous / murderous criminals — that ain’t gonna happen either.
  • When (if) they catch the criminals, deport them to a penal colony (like France’s old Devil’s Island of Papillon fame) — wait a minute, that has promise, because if any country in the world owns a bunch of uninhabited, remote islands, it would be the Brits.  Granted, it would take a few years to build the accommodations, but we’re talking concrete cellblocks, not the Ritz.  And it’s not like they haven’t done it before (hello, Australia!) so there is precedent. (Escape from New York is starting to look less like a dystopian fantasy and more like a blueprint, isn’t it?)

Sadly, though, the Brits don’t seem to have the balls to do any of the above.  Utter chaos is coming, if it isn’t there already.  What a mess.  (Although the Britcops seem to have no difficulty in dealing with hardened criminals like this bad boy…)

If anyone has any bright ideas different to mine, feel free to share them — and I’m not talking fantasies (I can assemble a few of those all by myself);  I need workable solutions, because the Brits seem to be at a loss.


  1. I don’t think there is a solution that can be implemented given the current legal and cultural mores of Britain. They need a philosophical revolution, but they believe that they have too much to lose (hello Welfare State!) so the proles aren’t going to do anything.

    Perhaps I’m too cynical, but I expect Britain and Europe to become either the Dar al Eurabia or Orwell’s Eurasia before the end of this century.

    Not a terribly helpful comment I suppose, but short of cheap access to space and mass-produced, giant space habitats (ala this) the growth of unaccountable State power looks inescapable. :-(.

  2. The Brits don’t want to solve this problem.
    But if they did, there’s no infrastructure issue about building a prison on some remote island.
    It can be built using inmate labor, like the Yuma Territoral Prison

  3. Kim;
    That’s an easy one to solve.
    Send them to the socialist paradise of Californistan. They LOVE immigrants, they don’t care if they are criminals, they don’t care if they arrive illegally, they offer free housing, food, education and a large (but shrinking) pool of victims to prey upon. The British criminals will not complain, the Californistan populace cannot complain and the British criminal incarceration will be solved. What’s not to like?

  4. Looking at these pictures in comparison to the “ban kitchen knives” article linked below, I can’t help but think back to a time on the rifle range when a Marine asked for confirmation on a “Maggie’s Drawers”. The pits radioed back, He was hitting the bullseye but firing on the wrong target. You want to ban something? Ban those who bring evil upon your citizenry.

  5. It pains me to read comments such as the Brits don’t want to solve the problem or don’t have the balls. Yes, we do. The majority (let me say that again for the hard of understanding) the majority of Brits don’t want the scum of other nations in our green and pleasant land, we don’t want semi literate knuckle dragging dope smoking pill popping thugs roaming around preying on the vulnerable. We want to shut the borders, get out of The EU (spit), deport the feckless and criminal illegal immigrants (double spit) and we want that NOW. Trouble is, we’re likely to be branded racist (yes, yes we are) and that we don’t have compassion for the poor downtrodden refugee (like i wish I was so downtrodden I could afford their cars and iPhones yeah?) and stop the moped and knife crime that goes on – most of which is black on black. Gove’mint of either side is weak as water so don’t be surprised at seeing ordinary folk fighting back with whatever they’ve got to hand. We want the Police armed, invested in and recruited to, we want the scum off our streets, out of our country and proper border controls in place, despite what you might have been fed by the holier than thou ‘slebs or deniers, the population is frustrated and sick to death with our Great Britain becoming a sink hole.

    This country is in trouble and we know it.

    1. TB,
      I know exactly how you (and a host of my other Brit friends) feel about this. But your political class has no balls, and certainly not enough to pass legislation that could make this happen.
      And while you small-c Brit conservatives would go for a repeal of the gun laws and toughening of criminal penalties in a heartbeat, the Left and its luvvies in the Press will never allow any of it to happen.
      It’s time to look at The New Zealand Option, kid.

  6. There is but one solution at this point, and I believe it can be cleanly paraphrased from some of your prior work.




    There are no Vlad Tepes thereabouts to start piking the borders/boarders (take your pick), and with the House of Lords actively trying to undo Brexit, let ’em reap what they’ve been sowing. Though her ability to do it may still be only a technicality (not up to speed on the status of The Crown), but were HM Queen Elizabeth to pre-emptively dissolve parliament and order the army to start chucking illegal immigrants into the English Channel, I’m not sure the rank-and-file Brits would object.

    1. I’ve in mind the Churchill-and-France option. Get the civilized folk out. Then invade.

  7. “deport them to a penal colony”

    They used to be a few – Georgia, Australia – but the criminals bred faster than you could remove them.. So perhaps irreversible chemical de-gendering would gentle them a bit, and would surely get the approval of the feminists.

  8. To quote Lenin, “the worse, the better”. The only way the masses will get together to kick them out (by them I mean both the criminals, alien criminals and the political class which protect them) is for things to get so bad that it cannot be talked around.

    Unfortunately, before it gets better in Britain, it will have to get much worse yet.

  9. Politics in the UK seems to be similar to those of the US…you have the Left, the Rabid Left, and the Conservatives. But only two parties, usually controlled by the Left and the Rabids. What’s needed is a Trump-like leader willing to think outside the box.

    It’s probably worth remembering that between Reagan and Trump, the four Presidents in between were products of Harvard and Yale. It’s also worth pointing out that Margaret Thatcher was the daughter of a grocer…and that fact, more than anything else, drove the UK Snob faction out of their minds.

  10. The solution is simple. Any Brit with a Firearms Certificate gets political asylum.

  11. I have no solutions that have not already been offered, so I’ll go tangential.

    Did anyone else notice a) what crap most of those knives were and b) the adjectives – “horrifying”, “chilling”, “terrifying”, etc.? They weren’t scary. They were gun show or Walmart junk, suitable for teenagers.

    1. In a land without gun shows (or guns), that translates to scary. Add in the consequences of fighting back, and it’s positively terrifying.

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