Hammer Down

Oh, bugger it all:

Fox News star Charles Krauthammer reveals he has weeks to live

It’s cancer, that vile illness.

And on a personal note:  I just learned this very morning that my closest childhood friend Mark Pennels is also in the final stages of cancer, with maybe a week or two left.  I spoke to him in December when I was in South Africa, and he was cancer-free then, so this latest episode has been a total bastard.

And you all know about Connie, taken from me just last year by the same ailment.

I think I’ll just go to my room and pull the covers up over my head for the rest of the day…


  1. The cancer stuff just sucks….. three times I have had it in the past and over five years out on the last, so far so good however, I have lost several good friends in the past two years and it sucks….

    Kim, once again so very sorry about Connie.

  2. I lost my wife to cancer, five years ago this September. At 33 and only married two-and-a-half years, she was taken far too soon. 🙁

    F the C.

  3. The wife-unit managed to survive stage 3 endometrial cancer in ’04, watched the Athens Olympics and Reagan’s funeral from her hospital bed, thanks be. Still kicking, too. Dunno what i’d do if she beats me out of here.

    1. Akshully I do know. But I might have to fly commercial a time or two so mums the word.

      1. Granddaughter is 10 so assuming I still live after her college graduation I may have to make a ‘statement’, just so ya know.

  4. Ugh. Both parents, the friend who probably would have been my best man if he’d been around. Last month was my cat Cleopatra after 14 years.

    Damn disease.

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