1. Oklahoma engineering, a/c out? 105 Fhar In Height degrees! Gotta take gran ma to the City for her breast implants, pre-paid in cash, no refund? Here, hold my beer!

  2. When I was a mere lad (more moons ago than I care to remember) it was called “Ni@@er rigging”
    Well, obviously, you can’t call it that anymore what with PC, etc. so it morphed into “Afro-engineering”.
    But then, with the election of POTUS 44, it’s now known as a “Presidential Solution”

    1. Here in Texas, except maybe in College Station, it would be called ‘Aggie Engineering’.

  3. Looks like some worthy design ideas. Despite being from way up north, I have been accused of being a closet Redneck.

    By way up north I mean Minnesota, although only a couple of generations back some of my ancestors were following the reindeer up by the arctic circle.

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