Reaping The Whirlwind

I am always irritated when women don’t want men to treat them with chivalry because “we’re maintaining the patriarchy” or some such bullshit.  You know what I’m talking about:  “I’m quite capable of opening the door myself!” and so on.

I’m similarly irritated by stupid laws which seem to take the side of criminals — such as when a thug is injured while being prevented from causing mayhem, and the person who injured him is treated as  a criminal by the police.

Here’s what happens when you have a confluence of the above two circumstances:

A fashion executive attacked by an unwell 6ft man on a busy Tube carriage has slammed two men who moved seats and left her to defend herself.
Tamara Cincik was kicked and threatened while travelling to a business meeting in central London yesterday.
The mother-of-one told MailOnline, children were crying as the agitated man squared up to her and started violently attacking her in the middle of the carriage.

The fashion CEO is keen to stress she does not blame this man, who she believes needs medical help but said the incident was ‘terrifying’.
Instead she is upset that two men she describes as ‘white and middle class’ chose not to help and moved to another carriage.
‘I remain more angry with those white middle class men who left me to it. As fathers, husbands and sons they should be ashamed of themselves.’ 

But, but, but… you’re a career grrrl, a successful woman and (I bet) a feminist.  Why should you have to rely on a man to help you?  “Oh help me, white knight!” when you’ve probably bought into the whole “men are pigs” and “patriarchy” narrative?

Why should anyone help you?  The two (British) men certainly didn’t:  they didn’t want to get involved because they were frightened — frightened by the crazy guy, and probably indoctrinated against doing anything themselves, and leaving it to the authorities to handle the situation.  Except, of course, that there was no authority figure to run to.  If one of the Brit men had found some balls and beaten the crap out of the crazy guy, he’d probably have been arrested and be facing charges right now.

Well, somebody did come to this woman’s assistance in the end — only he wasn’t a Brit, he was from a culture more old-fashioned than that:

‘An Eastern European man who had seen the guy on the platform had worked his way down the train as he felt that man was dangerous and he got to me when the train stopped.’

This is what happens when government and the culture degrades and infantilizes men.  And you know what?  I’m not surprised, and nor should anyone be.


  1. Given that the likely first reaction of the police would be – as you say – to arrest them, can you blame the two Englishmen?

  2. Nope. Nor for declining to help a woman, in today’s Grrrl Power culture.

    1. If Chivalry is dead, feminist killed it. Chivalry was a code with expectations set upon both genders. In the age of Chivalry this woman would not be unaccompanied on the train nor would she be the CEO of a fashion business. Women would never agree to going back to that standard but will arbitrarily condemn men for not following.
      I don’t hold the door because you are a lady. I hold the door because I am a gentleman.

  3. Wait, she doesn’t blame the guy who attacked her, but blames two other strangers for not defending her? But if the guy attacking her wasn’t to blame for what he was doing, by what right should the two other guys defend her? Of course thinking that way requires logic.

    It happens here too, unfortunately. There’s a liquor store where I’ll sometimes stop on my way home to get a beer for the train ride (that’s pretty much why the store exists, it’s in a train station). One day the young ladies who worked there were visibly upset, they said a bunch of “youths” carrying baseball bats were just there causing trouble, and they were afraid they’d return. The owner of the place left three young women there to go “get help”. The thing is that the train station is always crawling with cops, so “getting help” should have been a matter of seconds, but he came back several minutes later sans constable. Meanwhile a few of his customers stayed at the store in case the thugs returned. One of the ladies (my personal favorite) got fired for calling the owner a coward, he said he didn’t understand, he could get SUED if something bad had happened. At least a few of us were willing to say “Not on my watch”. BTW, this was in New Jersey, so had there been an altercation it might have been problematic for us, but sometimes you just gotta do what’s right.

    1. And why, exactly, would you expect the cops to show up for anything except the toe-tagging? So they can get hauled in front of the cameras, along with their families, as raaaaacists for doing anything to those “Saint Trayvons”? Sued and probably run out of town by BLM etc.? Nothing in the law says they have to do anything else. And they won’t.

  4. I still do the chivalry thing because I doubt more than 5% of women are real feminazis. Nobody’s yelled at me yet.

    Plus, the horror of being 65 and having young women give up their tram and subway seats for me, as they did a few weeks ago in Amsterdam. Bah. Humbug.

  5. I’ve never had a woman complain for me holding a door for her, even in all the years I lived in Boston. Go figure.

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