No More Reason Needed

If ever you want to know why Britain’s leaving the EU (“Brexit”) is not only a Good Thing, but absolutely vital, here’s proof:

A change in European Union rules could see doner kebabs banned across the continent, infuriating takeaways and fast-food lovers.
The European Union’s legislature is moving to ban the phosphates used in the slabs of meat at the heart of the popular street snack that originated in Turkey.
Up-in-arms kebab vendors in Germany have skewered the idea.
EU lawmakers are citing health concerns based on studies that linked phosphates to cardiovascular disease.

Just so we’re all clear what’s being discussed here, this is what these tools want to ban:

Lamb Shwarma happens to be one of my favorite “fast foods”; and nobody tell my kids about this or else there’ll be murders (as they say Over Here). Along with pizza and crêpes, doner was one of their staple street foods when we traveled together in Euroland: cheap, filling and delicious; and if these disappeared from Europe, it would be a major disincentive to go there. I’m not kidding.

And if the above pic has made yer mouth start to water, I’m sorry (not really).




  1. There have been many shwarma places open around here, and I like it very much. There’s a chain called NafNaf, but a lot of little privately owned places, and frankly, they’re all good.

    1. Naf Naf is great for a quick middle eastern style bite. I’m a fan of their falafel sandwiches. The schwarma’s pretty good too. I know an Israeli plumber who frequents one.

      For any of Kim’s readers in the greater Chicago area, especially the north side, check out Pita Inn. They have four or five locations. Cheap. Filling. Tasty. Authentic.

  2. That stuff is kinda sorta sausage, and getting between a Kraut and his sausage is a risky business.

    But really, I’m with Phelps. I first had that stuff in Mexico and have become a convert, especially when the cook has little bits of cooked pineapple on the Trompo and can use a big knife to artistically flip them onto the plate.

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