It occurs to me that of late I may have been giving women a hard time on this here website, and I’ve also been discussing various examples of female pulchritude in my usual drooling Male Bastard fashion, so my Lady Readers may be getting a little ticked off.

Here then, in the interests of balance, is something for said Lady Readers:

I have no idea who he is (British, to judge from the label — “What label?” I hear you ask), so go ahead and just look at him like a sex object.

I owe you all one.

Comments, on this post, are restricted to the Ladies.


  1. Mmm, not really. I tend to think “gay” when I see pics like this. A man, in a woman’s repose. Doesn’t do it for me. Well muscled and proportioned, yes, but somehow not sexy.

    This is what a gay man or flighty girl might find sexy. But I cannot really speak for any or all other women. My own experience and preferences are all I have, and it isn’t this. Sexy comes from so much more than a pose and some abs. Oh it’s nice, but it isn’t most or even some.

  2. He’s very young and has no hair on his chest. I’d prefer a man doing something. And be a bit older. Don’t want a man who is young enough to be my son.

    1. He obviously shaves. No fun.

      Body hair is beyond sexy. It is sensual.

      I used to work in the fitness industry. Most of the male group fitness instructors are gay or wannabe. The physique competitors, bodybuilders, they’re borderline gay or at least fetishists. They might like women, but women who look more like men or wiry boys than females with the appropriate secondary sex characteristics. You get your wires crossed as to what men want, after a bit.

      This guy’s waist looks photoshopped. Taper is ok but he appears to have corseted himself! In this day and age!

      I corset. I like how it looks and feels and restricts my appetites. But it does not give a permanent appearance to my waistline, and only on one side, to boot. Yes, angles and pose and composition are in effect, but I cannot reconcile the extreme no-ripple dip above the hip.

      Or maybe I just sleep with a more solid class of a man.

  3. Women… there’s just no pleasing ’em.

    It reminds me of the old joke about husbands: they can never be good husbands, only adequate.

    (And if you’re wondering how I can comment on a ladies-only thread, it’s because today I’m identifying as a woman — first name = Kim, remember?)

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