Hurts, Don’t It?

In the Kurt Russell movie Tombstone, Wyatt Earp catches a guy whipping a horse in the face — whereupon he snatches the quirt from the man’s hand and whips him across the face, and when the oaf whimpers Earp says quietly, “Hurts, don’t it?”

Over the weekend, about half a dozen people sent me this video of someone getting a taste of his own medicine;  and I have to warn you now, if at the end your Schadenböner isn’t straining at your zipper, we’ve can’t be friends anymore.

We need more of this — a LOT more of this.

Sorry, I have to go and watch it again;  I am so weak…

Fixed the link, thanks for the heads-up.


  1. And this is why you don’t play in someone else’s back yard without permission. I won’t even start on the numerous incidents involving stolen/counterfeit creds.

    As Bugs Bunny observed – “what a maroon”.

  2. At the very end… BATFag agent was wearing his shield underneath his clothes instead of on the outside.

  3. Agent Shitstain is suing the city & the department. The article doesn’t mention ATF involvement in the suit, but that doesn’t mean they won’t jump in, given the totalitarians calling the shots in DC.

    From the article: “Of note, Agent Burk ran afoul of the law once before. In 2015, Ohio’s Warren County Sheriff’s Office charged Burk for stealing more than $200 in wine from a local Kroger.”

    Nothing but the best and brightest gorging themselves on our dime.

  4. Could not have happened to a better person. I am sure had he been the arresting officer rather than the arrestee he would have all puffed up.

    Hope hi lawsuit breaks him and he loses biggly

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