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So let’s slip into the female anatomy:

I’m good on the exterior stuff:  boobs, hoo-hah, shoulders, feet etc.  The interior parts?  None of my business.

parole?  What about flaying, daily scourging and / or impaling?

because adding “terrorism” to “murder” will just make it doubleplusungoodAnd what about Remington and Browning semi-autos?  Oh, never mind.

probably just wanted to exclude all that White supremacist “logic ‘n rhetoric ” stuff from the debate, to be replaced with shouting, chanting and drums.

their state, their laws — just like SCOTUS intended.

of course it does.  Best cheese in the world, evvah.

just laying the ground for when the crime of non-payment of taxes results in summary execution.  You heard it here first.

sounds a lot, until you discover that her Las Vegas gig pays a million bucks a night.

that’s a real mood-killer, but not as bad as an actual killer:

not the best outcum, was it? (sp)

And in (link-free) INSIGNIFICA:


And finally:

not surprising, really.  As my old friend, the late, great Scot Bob Hill used to say:  “Och, you wi’ yer smearred makeup, yer scabby skin — yer so durrty, so slutty, so nasty… yer just ma type.”


All I can say is that ol’ Jenny’s come a long way since singing backup for Lynyrd Skynyrd… <eyecross>


  1. “Female anatomy” quiz? Hell, 3/4 of Murcan “voters” don’t know their own ass from a hole in the ground.

  2. Seen Ms Connely’s “acting ” it several forgettable movies. Whilst I am not one to look askance at an older broad, hard pass here.

  3. A few years back, there was a video going around of a black “debate team”. Towson University debate team won the 2014 Nat’l championship. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you try to find it.

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