Yeah, Sure

Daughter’s fiance was in hospital after some minor surgery, so yesterday I went to see how the patient was doing (fine, but that’s not why I’m writing this).

As I breezed past the stupid 30.06 sign posted on the door (TX state law forbidding guns on the premises), I checked to make sure my 1911 was well concealed.

Why did I disobey the law?  Take a flying guess.

Police said at a Thursday morning news conference that a surgery patient targeted a specific doctor at Tulsa’s St. Francis Hospital campus because his back continued to hurt after an operation.

That’s fucked up, but at the same time, the mook shot the doctor and three other innocent people before offing himself.

A long time ago, I made myself a vow never to be a helpless victim.

News Roundup

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And some things guaranteed to give you the runs:

not that Virgin has ever shown any sign of class, ever.

...which is classic Marxist doctrine, for those unfamiliar with it.  Not that I ever expected anything different from these Commies.

LOL if it did, I’d consider carrying a 9mm handgun.  But it doesn’t.

the people who used the guns to commit murder, however, have no doubt been released from jail on parole.

not one of which would have stopped, or will ever stop, a mass shooting.

throw in the West Coast with another two, and you’ve got a dealBonus if you trigger the Big One.

that’s one way of getting rid of the town’s parking problems, I suppose.

roll on November 2022/2024, and we will.

Speaking of college:

key phrase:  “The school is a Catholic, all-male, college preparatory school.”

And on to link-free INSIGNIFICA:


it’s been a while, but I don’t remember the Grand Canyon looking anything like this:

And by the way, the chick’s boyfriend is a total asshole.

Finally, a quick quiz:  Spot The Mom

And that’s it, for the news.

Quote Of The Day

From Johnny Rotten, about Britishland’s Royal Family:

“A bunch of German tourists, with a Greek thrown in.”

I know several Brits who still refer to them as “the Germans”, with one saying witheringly:  “My family has been noble for well over six centuries.  Theirs hasn’t.”


As Britishland gathered to celebrate their Queen’s Platinum Jubilee yesterday, the crowd was immense — even larger than the Lightbringer’s inauguration (click both pics below to embiggen).

I noted this picture, too:

Conspicuously absent were Prince Ginger and his Hollywood houri.  No doubt the Royals wanted the crowds to cheer (which they did, mightily) and not boo (which they would have).