Yeah, Sure

Daughter’s fiance was in hospital after some minor surgery, so yesterday I went to see how the patient was doing (fine, but that’s not why I’m writing this).

As I breezed past the stupid 30.06 sign posted on the door (TX state law forbidding guns on the premises), I checked to make sure my 1911 was well concealed.

Why did I disobey the law?  Take a flying guess.

Police said at a Thursday morning news conference that a surgery patient targeted a specific doctor at Tulsa’s St. Francis Hospital campus because his back continued to hurt after an operation.

That’s fucked up, but at the same time, the mook shot the doctor and three other innocent people before offing himself.

A long time ago, I made myself a vow never to be a helpless victim.


  1. And that decision to never be a helpless victim is one I made many years ago. When I finally fled New Jersistan to the gunshine state of Florida 22 years ago was the last day I was unarmed whenever I was not sleeping or showering.
    It has not always been easy and occasionally awkward, but always comforting with the companionship of my little friends. (and not always little)
    A final note, a quote from a famous author: An armed society is a polite society.

  2. Big medical building yesterday myself. Fortunately, ignoring the no weapons sign doesn’t create a criminal offense here, all they can do is tell you to leave and arrest you for trespassing if you refuse. So I had gun, knife, and OC. I generally refuse to go places where the prohibition involves a criminal offense, like the Post Office.
    TX GOP needs to get off their ass and repeal 30.06. (I know). Lots of private businesses in TX have a no guns sign that is not 30.06. Makes the sheep happy but gun carriers know it has no force. But big hospital corporations are probably the most anti-gun entities around so they go to the trouble of posting the 30.06 signs.

  3. BTW, your commenting system is still screwed up. When I post, it just spins and eventually times out. Comment doesn’t show but when I repost is says it’s a duplicate. Eventually, comment does show up.

    1. workaround: once you punch the ‘submit’ button, wait a minim, log out, kill the tab, then log in again. Unreasonable, but it works for Firefix under Kubuntu.

      1. Stencil,
        After I push the post button, I just click another article and I see that my comment has been posted. No need to log out, log back in etc.


    2. I find that refreshing the screen after hitting “Post Comment” does the trick for me.

      1. PS: Have to hit the big “X” before hitting the circular “refresh” arrow.

    3. It’s an artifact of Cloudflare caching everything. It takes a bit to see the change to the underlying page and start serving that out.

      Still working on getting all this shit migrated. Unlike Kim, I have a fucking day job.

  4. Sometimes I forget I even have it on me.
    At least that’s what my story will be, if the situation arises where I need to explain what condition my condition is in.

  5. Listen to that no good rotten commie Arlo Guthrie’s song “This Land is Your Land.” This verse right here:

    As I was walkin’ – I saw a sign there
    And that sign said – no tress passin’
    But on the other side… it didn’t say nothin!
    Now that side was made for you and me!

    Now, what is on the back of hte 30.06 sign?


  6. I hope future son in law has a speedy recovery. The Honey Do list your daughter wrote up isn’t going to finish itself.


    1. My thought exactly. People generally cannot feel another person’s pain, but short of a neurological disorder, the most insensitive people regarding pain are the pain med Czars in the DEA who have apparently never needed heavy duty pain meds, and think therefore no one else really needs them either, and severely penalize the doctors when they prescribe them.
      It’s easy to discount the need for pain meds if you only look at the number of pills.

      1. indeed. My mother went through several episodes of morphine addiction.
        It was preferable to the chronic severe pain she had to deal with after a leg amputation and later cancer.

        Doctors did what they could to get her pain medication that wasn’t addictive but it just wasn’t enough for the severity of the pain she was suffering from.

        In the end they lowered the dose of morphine to something that wasn’t addictive to her, added a cocktail of other painkillers, and called it quits, told her to cope with it because this is the best we can do legally.
        She turned to alcohol instead, combining a cocktail of painkillers with a liter of whiskey and a liter of wine a day DID dull the pain enough it was bearable.
        But of course turned her into an alcoholic, but that isn’t interesting to the drugs enforcers so nobody cared except us, her family.
        We eventually weened her of the booze, but it took several years and by then her personality had changed drastically and not for the better.

  7. ironic name for that law…
    Sounds like a law though that’s a perfect candidate for being overturned if challenged at the supreme court. “shall not be infringed” means at time and place, not just a complete ban.

    Now if the hospital itself put up the restriction it’d be legal (if probably stupid) as the constitution applies only to government actions and the hospital (unless it’s government run) is a private entity. But as it’s a law and they’re claiming the restriction is because of said law it’s probably illegal.

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