Not Surprising

Ho, here’s something different:

Hill was working as an employee of a local nuclear power plant when he won a $10 million prize from an Ultimate Millions scratch-off ticket at a convenience store near Wilmington in 2017. According to a WECT report from the time, Hill bought a scratch-off that did not win, then, on a whim, bought a second ticket, which was the winner. After state and federal tax withholdings, he took home a lump sum of just over $4.1 million.

And then in 2021?

A North Carolina man who won $10 million on a lottery ticket was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

And now we play “Guess The Perp’s Race”, for the umpteenth time.

That easy, was it?

No Big Deal

After Special Counsel John Durham’s prosecution of Hillary Clinton’s lawyer Michael Sussman and subsequent acquittal by a jury of his peers (i.e. a bunch of Clinton loyalists), this came out from one of the jurors:

“There are bigger things that affect the nation than a possible lie to the FBI.”

Of course, this came as a shock to a couple of people accused of doing just that quite recently:


So, it looks like the Left has suborned the rule of law and rigged the election process.  How nice.

In any event, it now looks like jury nullification us now a thing, so let’s play that tune for all it’s worth.

No More Commies Needed

I see that KiwiPres and CommieSymp Jacinda Hardon (no man should) is visiting this country, and fellow Commie asshole President Braindead is fawning all over her.

I’d say more, but I have to go and puke for a few minutes.

Anyway [fresh gin in hand], I’d like to remind His Senilityness that what this loathsome Commie bitch did in her tinpot country (pop. 957) is impossible here, as we still have the tattered remnants of the First and Second Amendments standing in his way, even if she doesn’t.

The sooner this obnoxious little dictatorette leaves, the better.

Sounds About Right

Seems as though a Murkin couple went over to Britishland for the first time, and enjoyed the experience:

Two Americans who recently visited the UK for the first-ever time have revealed the good, the bad, the weird and the scary of their trip, with driving in Devon and Cornwall falling into the latter category.

The rest of the trip was a big hit, though, with the locals being nice to them ‘everywhere we went’.
‘We didn’t want to leave,’ the couple said.

‘…the UK seems to have a reputation for having bad food, which we did not find to be true at all. We had so much amazing food in the UK! We already miss things that we don’t have in America like scones with clotted cream or chips with curry sauce.’

No argument from me on any of the above, although I’d pass on the curry chips for a nice sausage roll.

Read the whole article for more.  But they seem to have got it right.

Our Leaders

Two different takes on the people who purport to be our nation’s leaders, first a global view from VDH:

As the nation sinks inexplicably into self-created crisis after crisis, debate rages whether Joe Biden is incompetent, mean-spirited, or an ideologue who feels the country’s mess is his success.

A second national discussion revolves around who actually is overseeing the current national catastrophe, given Joe Biden’s frequent bewilderment and cognitive challenges.

But one area of agreement is the sheer craziness of Biden’s cabinet appointments, who have translated his incoherent ideology into catastrophic governance.

The common denominator to these Biden appointees is ideological rigidity, nonchalance, and sheer incompetence.

They seem indifferent to the current border, inflation, energy, and crime disasters. When confronted, they are unable to answer simple questions from Congress, or they mock anyone asking for answers on behalf of the strapped American people.

We don’t know why or how such an unimpressive cadre ended up running the government, only that they are here and the American people are suffering from their presence.

And then a local perspective from Kurt:

The clusterfark in Uvalde is just a symptom of a much bigger pathology. It is a symbol of the failure of every institution in our society. And the solution is never to revamp the institutions and eject the parasites heading them. It’s always – always – to take power from us and give it to the people who screwed up in the first place.

November 2022 can’t come quickly enough (and we need November 2024 to come even more quickly) so we can get rid of these lying, incompetent and corrupt assholes at federal, state and local level.

There are quicker ways, mind you, but I’m not going to go there.