Sounds About Right

Seems as though a Murkin couple went over to Britishland for the first time, and enjoyed the experience:

Two Americans who recently visited the UK for the first-ever time have revealed the good, the bad, the weird and the scary of their trip, with driving in Devon and Cornwall falling into the latter category.

The rest of the trip was a big hit, though, with the locals being nice to them ‘everywhere we went’.
‘We didn’t want to leave,’ the couple said.

‘…the UK seems to have a reputation for having bad food, which we did not find to be true at all. We had so much amazing food in the UK! We already miss things that we don’t have in America like scones with clotted cream or chips with curry sauce.’

No argument from me on any of the above, although I’d pass on the curry chips for a nice sausage roll.

Read the whole article for more.  But they seem to have got it right.


  1. I enjoy driving over there, mostly *because* of the small country roads. It’s nice to see vegetation close to the road and not a wide swath of concrete.

  2. The article says they’re from Portland OR. So it’s not about Americans traveling abroad.

  3. I used to travel to the UK quite a bit for work, mainly in the Cheltenham area, but also Wolverhampton and Southampton. The food was fine as long as it was “British” food – fish and chips, curries, etc. I couldn’t find a decent hamburger to save my life, but the tikka masala more than made up for it. The full English breakfast at the hotel was also very good. I was a bit surprised to see the youngsters in the local pub drinking American Budweiser. That seemed pointless, with so many great English beers from which to choose. Hopefully, that was just a fad.

    1. When we were there, the locals were all drinking Australian Foster’s lager, which I describe a “making love in a canoe”. That is, it’s “f***ing close to water”. I don’t know any Australians who drink the crap.

      Must admit, in the USA I did develop a taste for Federal Jack’s Red Ale in Kennebunkport, ME.

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