No More Commies Needed

I see that KiwiPres and CommieSymp Jacinda Hardon (no man should) is visiting this country, and fellow Commie asshole President Braindead is fawning all over her.

I’d say more, but I have to go and puke for a few minutes.

Anyway [fresh gin in hand], I’d like to remind His Senilityness that what this loathsome Commie bitch did in her tinpot country (pop. 957) is impossible here, as we still have the tattered remnants of the First and Second Amendments standing in his way, even if she doesn’t.

The sooner this obnoxious little dictatorette leaves, the better.


  1. I was into my usual morning routine with the dog in my lap and a cup of coffee at my side. As I scrolled past the gargoyle above the milk in my coffee immediately went sour, the dog threw up, and I went searching for bleach to wash out my eyes. Thanks buddy. You shouldn’t do that to a guy before 7:00 am.

  2. We need a trigger warning for pics like these, boss.

    She reminds me of Miss Jane on the Beverly Hillbillies.

    1. Beg to differ – Miss Jane had a sense of humor. Other than that, carry on.

      Stay safe

  3. With what is going on in NZ, Oz, and Cannuckistan, (and, Oh, Hell, Blighty too), it’s time to disband Five Eyes. How can you trust the intel coming out of countries that lack common sense, let alone intelligence?

  4. We were having a whip round to raise money to keep her there for another couple of weeks…

  5. Her visage reminds me of one of those fish they pull up from way, way down in the deepest part of the ocean, there’s that and she has huge elephant ears to boot. That’s all I have to say about that.

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