No Big Deal

After Special Counsel John Durham’s prosecution of Hillary Clinton’s lawyer Michael Sussman and subsequent acquittal by a jury of his peers (i.e. a bunch of Clinton loyalists), this came out from one of the jurors:

“There are bigger things that affect the nation than a possible lie to the FBI.”

Of course, this came as a shock to a couple of people accused of doing just that quite recently:


So, it looks like the Left has suborned the rule of law and rigged the election process.  How nice.

In any event, it now looks like jury nullification us now a thing, so let’s play that tune for all it’s worth.


  1. Its getting near the stage of Battle of Athens Tn.

    They don’t respect us, lord over us, and expect us to be good servants. All we want is fairness, across the board, and to be left alone.

  2. The jury believed the defense’s theory that the FBI was not the victim but a co-conspirator. I believe this too. The wrong guy was on trial. Almost anyone on the 7th floor of the FBI building was the right defendant. I further believe this was deliberate on the part of Barr/Durham to protect the FBI and cover up their illegal acts.

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