As Britishland gathered to celebrate their Queen’s Platinum Jubilee yesterday, the crowd was immense — even larger than the Lightbringer’s inauguration (click both pics below to embiggen).

I noted this picture, too:

Conspicuously absent were Prince Ginger and his Hollywood houri.  No doubt the Royals wanted the crowds to cheer (which they did, mightily) and not boo (which they would have).


  1. Hhhhmn. I’m nobody’s ‘subject’ but good grief it looks like there’s a few grave dodgers on the left hand side there! Glad Ginge and the Cringe aren’t there – you wanted to step down well you can step off and take the Duke of ‘I’ll Pork anything’ with you. Pppft, ‘he’s got Covid’ my foot.

    I see that Prince Louis is representing the six year olds as only six year olds can and good for him. Kate and Wills might make decent monarchs, Sophie and Edward are underrated IMHO.

    As for Charlie being King? Good luck with gaining the support of the public when all you wanted to be was a tampon……….

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