1. He has a great take on guns as well.

    “I understand America very well, I think, and I do appreciate the fact that, yes, you should have the right to own a gun. Yes! To my mind, this lot could be a far more serious pack of killers, in proportion to the firearm potential they’re wielding. In many ways I think Americans show an enormous amount of restraint, and of course, there definitely isn’t anyone invading this country; they’re too well armed for that. And what fun it is to go out into the hills, as I found out years later, to shoot things. It’s not about wanting to kill people or animals, it’s about the element of control. It gives you a great sense of achievement to be able to hit a melon at 50 yards, that you’ve got the power and the control to take aim correctly. It’s skillful and I like it.
    People might be a little scared to hear about Mr. Rotten tooled up, but John ain’t no killer. And as I keep telling the world, I’m a pacifist until you stretch over the line and try to hurt or damage any of those I love. Then you’ve got a prob. Me you can slag off all day long. Not a prob.”

    1. The older I get, the more I respect Mr. Lydon. He’s still married to his wife of 40 years and caring for her through her battle with dementia. And he seems to be blessed with a ton of common sense and no need to impress anyone.

  2. The Greek is German too (the entire Greek royal family is German).

    Anyway, I don’t see the problem. Every country should aspire to be ruled by Germans.

    1. I thought the ideal was British police, German engineers, Italian lovers, Swiss administrators and French cooks.

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