Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

A couple of things occurred to me while reading this excellent report of some Midnight Rambler who got his body temperature lowered, but first, the facts:

A woman who lived next door to 26-year-old Justin William Wright woke up to find him standing in her bedroom after he broke in through a window. Then he attacked her.

Then she shot him, and then he died.

Now, if we were to give the Usual Suspects their moment in the sun, we would ordinarily be hearing wails of “Why didn’t she just shoot him in the leg?” and all that twaddle.  But of course we won’t hear that because DoublePlusEvil Man was involved, and she only a Pore Helpless Victim.

And yes, as the article points out, this was another example of someone being killed by someone they knew.  Well, yes.  And I’m willing to bet that even outside gang shootings (where everyone knows everybody), this kind of thing is more prevalent than the bald stats show.

Finally, score one for those people like me (and all my Readers) who want women to be armed, precisely in case of this kind of neighborly activity.


  1. It would be interesting to know how many in the “guns are more likely to kill someone you know” column are cases like this. I mean, either way, one of the two people in this story was going to end up being killed by someone they knew that night. She just chose not to be the victim.

    1. The other thing this incident reminds me of is the old “cycle of violence” chestnut.
      As this event ended, the result of the cycle of violence is praiseworthy. If the perp had shot first, it would have been a tragedy, or for the Leftists, an unfortunate act of nature that stricter gun laws would have prevented.

  2. Ah yes, I remember that buncha caca…..
    Back in ’86, a righteous cuntflap named Arthur Kellermann, MD was taking our money via CDC to churn out anti-gun propaganda. If you’re old enough to remember the “if you have a gun in the home, you’re 43 times more likely to kill a family member than an intruder” load of feces, thats Kellermann.
    According to his ‘methodology,’ which involved cooking the statistics for so long they were unrecognizable, the woman in the linked story would not have her incident put into the ‘killed an intruder’ column because anyone who was killed by someone they knew was NOT counted as such. In fact, the study was so full of shit that a woman killing a psycho ex while he is breaking in with an ax screaming “HEEEEERE’S JOHNNY!” would not only be excluded from the ‘intruder’ column, but put into the ‘killed a family member’ column.
    Eh. I’m preaching to the choir, ladies and gents. Carry on.

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