Sticking It To The Greens

In West Virginia:


West Virginia all by itself can only exert nominal influence on BlackRock and the big banks. But if you get a coalition of states – including Texas, Arizona, and Missouri – to threaten to cut off the mega-banks because of their anti-energy political activism, then there is a critical mass of influence.

And see where he goes from there.  I like his thinking.


  1. I want to divest from Blackrock and Vanguard as well, but I’m having a heck of a time figuring out where to put my money. The only explicitly anti-ESG firms look like thinly veiled pyramid schemes. And God forbid I figure out how invest directly on my own.

  2. I’m surprised that one of these investment banker types hasn’t formed up an investment firm of some sort to make investments that the woke people don’t like. They could offer investments into whatever makes money. Many people including the leftists would certainly seek the profitable investments.


    1. I have found a couple, but they are startups that are either very new or still seeking funding. I’d still like to make a return, so these people need to prove themselves before they get any measurable amount of my money. This is my retirement we’re talking about here.

  3. It’s the right thing to do and the right thing for West Virginia to do, but Riley Moore is a crapweasel who used to be vice president of the Podesta Group, which was basically an arm of the Democrat Party and the Clinton and Obama administrations. He’s in this to further his political career.
    He’s also the grandson of WV’s second felon governor Arch Moore and the nephew of current WV RINO Senator Shelley Moore Capito. They think they’re the royal family.

  4. It will be interesting when SCOTUS releases their ruling on if and how the EPA can regulate power-generating facilities, that is a WV case.

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