Working Off Debt

Here’s an interesting little morality tale.

My wife slept with our mechanic to settle a £500 bill we couldn’t afford to pay

We’ve been struggling to make ends meet ever since my wife lost her job last year.  My salary won’t stretch to cover our food, rent and energy bills.  That’s why we’re £2,000 in debt on our credit cards.

So it was the cherry on the cake when we were told our car failed its MOT last week. The mechanic told us his repairs would cost us nearly £500.  To add insult to injury it was obvious he fancied my wife.

Panicking, I asked if we could pay in instalments.  While looking my wife up and down he cheekily suggested if we didn’t have the money he could think of another way we could pay.  He said we could think about it overnight. Walking away, I asked her what she thought.

Her answer shocked me: “You know I’d do anything for us, babe.”

So the next day my wife went to his house while I waited in the car outside — it was the longest 30 minutes of my life.  I consoled myself with the idea that she’d be hating this as much as me, but when she finally emerged she seemed defiant and said: “Now I know I’m contributing just as much as you.”

It broke my heart and I’ve only got myself to blame.  Now she thinks it’s the answer to all our financial problems.  She even suggested I could manage her diary of clients.  I’m worried she even enjoyed having sex with this mechanic.

Well, that’s one way of “taking one for the team”, innit?

I actually feel sorry for the guy, because it seems to me he’s uncaged a tiger — and it’s small wonder, when all the Brit newspapers are full of tarts making X thousand a month for showing off their bodies and doing the dirty on prostitution sites like OnlyFans;  and in truth doing nothing on SugarBabies different from Mrs. Debtfire above.

It’s always gone on, only now it’s out in public.

I just wonder how these people account for the revenue on their tax return… because if they don’t, it’s called “tax evasion”, and the collection agencies (I mean tax offices hem hem) of both the U.K. and the U.S. respectively take quite a dim view of it.


  1. Let’s be honest here, sex as always been women most effective weapon in life ( the way they are built you could actually call them ” Weapon Systems “. That was balanced in older times by the men ability to use theyr big muscle to cave heads in but that as sadly become out of fashion.

  2. I think you declare the earnings as a “business consultant” or “personal services”

  3. Please. You don’t really believe people in these types of ‘businesses’
    work hard to keep accurate records do you ??
    If you do then you haven’t been around very long or been through much
    in life and I still have that bridge in the north east for sale !
    CASH or barter ‘transactions’ are the precise reason that eliminating
    cash is the IRS’s oldest, fondest dream.
    Income ? WHAT income. No records, no inventory control, no paper or
    ‘computer’ trail, NOTHING – ergo no income to ‘declare’ !

  4. when did the word cuckold lose its stigma and embarrassment? Same with harlot, strumpet, tramp, floozie, skank, etc?

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