Sheesh, my post about a more relaxing life got me all sorts of input, from literally hundreds of suggestions to several invitations to come visit.  A couple of issues need to be addressed, however.

Because I’ve lost well over half a million dollars (failed businesses, cancer treatments, etc.) over the past dozen-odd years, wherever I end up would be as a renter.  Suggestions, therefore, of cheap real estate or great deals are of little value.

That said, I have found many wonderful places where rental property is not only inexpensive, but in fairly decent areas — i.e. not on the scuzzy side of town where my gun would often be called on, but not for recreation.

Here’s one such example:  a little town outside Morehead KY, which features scenery such as this:

And little single-storey 2BR 2BA apartments like this:

…which on the whole cost less than half of what we currently pay for our Plano apartment of similar size.

I should also point out that all this is way in the future, if we decide to do it at all.  Dallas is where (most) of my kids live, and New Wife’s kids — well, Australia and South Africa are just not gonna happen.

Thankee for all the suggestions and advice.  I should add, however, that if we ever move, it will be away from the Texas heat, so all the suggestions concerning the Hill Country etc. are for nought.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to look at maps and such.


  1. I didn’t comment on that thread, but if cost is the main factor, check out “The World According to Briggs” on You Tube. He posts videos about places to live and the cost per month. Unless someone has already mentioned him.

  2. I might suggest Northeast PA, but the winters can be rough. This year is the first since we moved here in 2019 we didn’t have snow on Mother’s Day weekend.

    Mark D

  3. To be fair to Texas, it’s only miserable maybe 3 months out of the year. The rest of the time it’s nice.

    I’ll deal with the heat to avoid the cold. Heat is discomfort, cold is pain.

  4. You don’t have to shovel heat. Pretty pictures!

    NH has the Free State Project that has attracted many Libertarians and libertarians. It’s pretty much surrounded by moonbat Massachusetts and other “workers paradises” with high taxes, big and intrusive government. Plus snow up here.

    Good luck with your move.


  5. What idiot suggested Australia? If it sounded like me, I’ll clarify my comment “we left the best till last” on living in the USA. My intent was that Kentucky was the best place I ever lived in the USA.

    I’m here down under because of wife’s Grandkids but this place is a fucking dump with delusions of grandeur. Only bright spot is we are close to semi-retirement and I only need to earn enough to get a decent vehicle to do road trips with wife and puppies.

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