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I know, I know… but the news is still worse:

Commie asshole.

see below.

don’t you just wish you could do that to the Antifa assholes without getting hassled by the fuzz?

actually, the reverse is true, but of course the WH is going to get it wrong.

would that were a literal event.

it’s a common side effect from eating Tide pods.

shut the fuck up, Carl.

they call her “leggy” only because they can’t call her “breasty”.

sounds about right.  Should be more of it.

Train Smash Watch:

no link, nothing to see.  Oh, alright, but don’t say I didn’t warn ya.



I know, I know:  pictorial proof required:

And speaking of the above, here’s Christine McGuinness:



  1. I gotta call BS on sex vs IVF. IVF is expensive, painful and time consuming.

    Well, sex can be painful, expensive, and time consuming, but personal kinks are personal problems. 😉

  2. On the subject of Pope Francis and the Traditional Latin Mass, the issue seems to be that many adherents of the TLM also believe any Mass not conducted in Latin to be invalid, plus Vatican 2 to be invalid and that there hasn’t been a valid Pope since V2. He shut down the TLM because he saw it as being divisive, rather than deal with those causing the divisiveness.

    I hope he reconsiders, the Latin Mass is part of Catholic heritage. But I also belong to a Catholic church made up of former Anglicans, our Mass has a decided Anglican feel, and our priest is a former Anglican priest who’s married and has ten children.

    Mark D

    1. So, in other words Pope Francis engaged in censorship? That’s so Marxist.

  3. Carl Bernstein is trying to stay in the public spotlight until his time is up on this side of the grass.

    How about giving billions in cash to the Irani government to finance their nuclear and terrorism programs that destabilize the mideast?

    Britney really needs to straighten up and fly right. She didn’t age that poorly but her judgement is almost as bad as Madonna’s.

    not surprised by the journalist being part of Aunt Teefa and causing crimes. Journalism is dead, they are now propagandists. Has been since they caught Dick Nixon being a Richard. Chuck Grassley is another imbecile who gets far too much publicity. They when they put teeth in his mouth they ruined a perfectly good rectum.


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