1. It’s a nice thought but won’t ever happen. Trump couldn’t do a thing because he was a President, not a King. The swamp is ruled by the scum it is named in reference to and until the people rise up to eliminate them, nothing will change. Our form of government is being used against us – the good guys play by the rules, the people in power do not. Who will win with that scenario?

  2. The author makes some good points. these fringe lunatics are not happy with tolerance at all. they want to impose their will and ideas onto others and not only be tolerated but embraced and propagated regardless of how perverse they are. They think they have been oppressed for decades or more and now they think that oppressing others is justice. they’re wrong. They are certainly facing a backlash from parents objecting to school boards implementing racist Critical Race Theory, indoctrinating children about sex, wokeism by corporations etc. People are finally standing up to say enough is enough. There is a line marking “too far” and many of these fringe lunatics have crossed it.


  3. Ron DeSantis beat Andrew “Ride a Cowboy” Gilliam (what a Democrat he turned out to be) by an absurdly small margin shortly after we moved to Florida from Kali.

    Watching, DeSantis obviously has iron in him. He may be delayed by the Uniparty’s grifters in Tallahassee, but he won’t be thwarted. His deft handling of the ‘Rona debacle proved his metal, and the derision and lies from the panicked Dems and their lick-spittle media and tech giants seasoned him. I believe he now actually enjoys butting heads with the Statists. I look for good things from him.

  4. I see little evidence that people are fed up enough to actually do something other than chase the latest thing.

  5. Schlichter continues to cuck by pretending that we have real elections. I’m over him.

  6. We haven’t fixed the election issues. Therefore, I am calling the vote as such:

    90 megavotes to 79 megavotes, Kamala’s favor, no matter her opponent, 85% of the electoral college as well.

    We will be given some bones from the elite table in this year’s elections. A bunch of RHINOs will win, and it will take pressure off the reform movement to show results (Mission Accomplished signal to those who don’t care), since if we are winning, the system must be fine. Just beware the winners.

  7. Most of what is wrong in the statement celebrate trans rights. They have no more than I and I really don’t see celebrating it. Bout ready to start thinning the culls from the herd. They will be easy to identify with all those rainbow flags.

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